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Found 5 results

  1. So how long do you spend on reading? For me I could read 2-4 chapters in 1hr.
  2. Please vote which book or books you'd be interested in reading for October Horror month. If you have a preference in those you voted for (if you voted for multiple), please post it below. I think we will read one or two books, depending on how the poll and preferences turn out.
  3. Hi, I would like to know that somebody read a book The Final Testamen writing by James Frey ? This book isn't available in Poland and i would like to know if it's worth buying and as interesting as A Miliion Little Pieces ? Have you got this book in pdf or sth like that and can send me? Please answer I'm really sorry for language errors but i don't speak fluently and correctly in english.
  4. However, I'm sure you have some friends who don't read at all, or at least not frivolous things like novels. A quantity of my friends tell me that they only have time to read practical books � to advance their careers or make them better parents. And they kind of look at each other comic. (P.S. I admire their devotion to duty.) I know, I do know � for a quantity of you, the query is pointless. They read because it's necessary, like eating and breathing. Let's come out and admit that escape has something to do with it. Even in the event you have a great life, sometimes it's lovely to inhabit another. And if you're going through a bad time, well, let's say I went through a spell where I was reading mystery novels on my day off. But for those of us who , love to read � why is that? I've also heard it suggested that reading is a kind of meditation. They can definitely find inspiration in reading. And let me say that I have learned lots of what I do know about history, culture, and criminal inquiry by reading fiction. And then there's the vicarious experience aspect. A book takes away our time and space limitations. They can visit the past or the future, travel to an exotic locale, or imagine what it is to be an athlete or a soldier or a monk. But I think the most important reason I read is for meaning. I think that when an author writes a book, they or they does it because they need to say that there is something significant about how people live in the world. And they can learn from that. In a world that often seems random, it's fabulous to have recourse to the world of books.
  5. If you have a fairly consistent reading habit, how many do you read in a week? Yes, it depends upon word length and readability of novel, let's just say the fairly standard 100,000 word length. If I'm not off work - I don't take books to work (my workplace isn't really the kind of place you can find somewhere to settle) - I only read just before going to sleep. I average 1.5-2 books a week. On holiday, if I don't go out, I sometimes read for 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more if I have nothing better to do. I average 3-4 books a week under those circs. Suppose I am above average when it comes to speed. And, yeah, I can have an intelligent conversation about said book, I haven't just got "the gist" of it. How 'bout yous out there?