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Found 1 result

  1. Well.. this morning I spent over an hour typing a really long post, only to lose it when I tried to post it . This is why I usually write everything in documents first, but this time I hadn't, and the forum hadn't saved it (I think it's because I'm making a new topic). Since I don't remember it all and don't want to spend another hour typing it, I will make a shorter post, writing down what I can remember. So as some of you may know, earlier this year my partner and I bought a house. We got it in the beginning of February (a few weeks before the pandemic came to the Netherlands). Since then, we've been working on doing it up one or two days a week together with my parents (we live with them). We want to take things slow because moving is difficult for me (see further in the post for more details on past moves). With my autism, changes are difficult and take me more time to get used to, than most neurotypical people. The move may get delayed because, aside from doing the work on it, we also need and want to buy some things like furniture and appliances. We can't do that yet with this current situation. This will be the first time moving as an adult to my own place. When I was 1 1/2 years old, my parents and I moved to a different part of the country, because my dad got a job there. When I was 7 years old, my parents, my sister and I and my newly born brother, moved to a different house in the same town, because an extra bedroom was needed for the new baby (my brother). When I was 14 years old, the five of us moved to a different town / city in the same area. We went from a relatively modern newly built house to an old farm. This move was difficult for me. I didn't want to move, I loved our house and town and it took some time before I loved the farm we moved to. We moved in the summer. After the summer my 3rd year of high school started, and it was much tougher than the previous 2 years. All summer long I refused to unpack my boxes, thinking that if I didn't, then the move wouldn't be happening. I became depressed and the input at school, sounds in particular, really started to drain my energy. When I was 17 years old, I got my autism diagnosis (my ADD diagnosis I got when I was 24 years old) and I got prescribed anti-depressant medication. My siblings (my sister and my brother) moved out when they went to university (my sister not in her first year but in her second, I think my brother might've moved out in his first year). When my partner came to live with me in the Netherlands, he and I moved into the bakery. That was already the place where we spent the night when he was visiting me. My old bedroom, that held my books and bookcases as well as my bed and my desk, became my library room. My childhood bed was removed and put up the attic. My desk was moved to the bakery. My books and bookcases stayed in my room. Things changed in that I started to spend most of my time in the bakery rather than in my room. We started to have meals on our own in the bakery, after a cooker was installed, we got our own fridge and microwave/oven and cupboard as well. And that brings me to now, a move which will take us to a new place of our own. We won't be living with my parents then. Nor with the big garden, the dog and the chicken. I'm hoping Pamuk (the dog) can come visit us. Our new house is in a different area of the same city we live in now. We'll have new neighbours and different shops to go to etc (obviously right now I'm not going into any shops, but okay). Right now we are dependent on my parents to drive us to the new house. I don't drive, my partner can't drive. There is a cycle path, so when we have moved in and have sorted out bicycles and have trained a bit (we have an exercise bike? Not sure what the English word for it is), we can cycle to my parents' house. I plan to do a lot of walking, we should be able to walk to some of the shops and also the library (it's closed atm because of the pandemic but hopefully some time in the future it will open again.). There is a train station too so we can take the train to other cities and towns (for example, my psychiatrist is in a different city so normally I go by train and bus. Atm my next appointment is digital because of the pandemic, but hopefully things will go back to normal in some time when it is safe). In January and February I sorted through most of my old stuff that was up the attic. I donated some things to charity, I threw away some things, and I saved some things. What's left to do now for me in terms of old stuff in the attic, is some boxes that contains things that belong to both my partner and I (and will therefore need our joint decision in what to do with it) and some boxes that have my stuff but that are way too heavy for me to lift and take off the attic to downstairs so I can sort them out. Those boxes contain my CDs, some older videogames and puzzle books, if I'm not mistaken. There are also some boxes with cables, we'll have to see what is useful to keep and what not (I think a move is a great time to declutter). Some boxes of my older things have been taken to the new house, things I won't need any time soon. I don't want to start packing my books yet because 1) I am a huge mood reader and I don't want to be without my books for too long, and 2) I don't know when the move will be and so the books in boxes may be unaccessible for a while depending on how things go with the lockdown and such. Also, I don't think we have enough empty boxes to put all of my books in, so we think it's a good idea to, at some point, start taking books in boxes, and then empty the boxes and bring the empty boxes back to put more books in, etc. I have a lot of bookshelves and a lot of books. Not everything will fit, so I have donated some books to charity. We also have a DVD/Blu-ray collection and we have a lot of videogames (though most of those are my partner's). I haven't quite worked out yet how I will organise things with my books, as I won't have as many bookshelves as I do now. Some of my bookshelves will go into other rooms and be filled with other things. I plan to buy a few new shelves, that will be more efficient regarding space in my new room. Anyway.. the point of this post was to ask, if anyone has any experience with moving their book collection (assuming you have at least some physical books)? Any tips or tricks you would like to share with me? Or tips about moving in general, I'd love to know too. I've not moved as an adult before (unless you count moving to the bakery from the farm), and as a kid it was never my own choice (and my parents did most of the organisational side of it, and helped me pack my boxes). Any moving stories you want to tell? Well.. I think that contained most of what I wrote about in the post I lost (although maybe not as eloquently). It'll be a while until I move, but I'd love to hear any tips or stories you want to tell about your own experiences moving.