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Found 3 results

  1. The book I'm reading at the moment has a lot of food descriptions that make me feel hungry just reading them, which made me think about food in books generally and how the descriptions make us want to eat certain things. So, are there any books that make you feel hungry? Here's mine: 'We shuffled along the food queue and picked out some corn on the cob that oozed butter, then helped ourselves to rice and chicken' then 'After the jam roly-poly, apple crumble and bread-and-butter pudding had been consumed with about two gallons of custard […]' (Jasper Fforde - Early Riser) Mmmm, buttery corn on the cob and jam roly-poly with custard
  2. I always get anxious about events such as my birthday (or my boyfriends' birthday) and Christmas. I'm nervous what the gifts will be like, when everyone will arrive, what the conversations will be like.. I know this is part of my autism. I don't do well with surprises, I need time to adjust to change. I find it difficult too if I get a gift I don't like and how to act to the gift giver. This is why I usually ask for specific things, because I prefer to know what I'm getting (even if I might not know exactly what it looks like). I'm probably in the minority being nervous for my own birthday, though maybe some of you are nervous about hosting Christmas dinner or such? Whether the food will be allright and people will like it.. I'm also nervous for Christmas, not yet right now, but when it's near Christmas (coincidentally or not, it's also my boyfriends' birthday so double nervousness ). I'm nervous if people will like the food I prepared and how things will go. Sorry if this is hard to understand, some people in my family seem to find it hard to understand. They see birthdays and Christmas and other events as joyful things and don't understand it stresses me so. That's not to say I don't enjoy the events when they happen. But unfortunately there's always stress and anxiety associated with them. Am I alone in this or are there other people who worry about similar things? Is anyone stressed when they invite family over for Christmas dinner? (I think there must be someone!)
  3. I have almost finished Appetite by Philip Kazan and have loved the fact that food plays a massive part in the book. Scents and smells are described in incedible detail and most meals are meticulously described as the protaganist is a chef (I belive the author was a restauranteur) who has a hyper sensitive pallete. Being a chef myself I am very interested in any other suggestions for books delve into food more than others. Cheers