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Found 3 results

  1. I read Eternity Road by Jack McDevitt years ago, and have re-read it multiple times since. The cover of the one on my bookshelf testifies to the number of times I have read it. The story is haunting, melancholy, and yet inspiring hope. Once I had read it, whenever I used some familiar, day to day object, I always had in the back of my mind the question, "what would a future archeologist think of this?" The story takes place more than a thousand years after the catastrophic collapse of civilization (the book alludes to a plague, but does not go in to details, which are unnecessary to the story anyway). Nascent civilizations are starting to spring up from the tiny groups of survivors. From one such settlement, a group of explorers set out to find a fabled treasure - a trove of books, containing the secrets of the ancients, known as the "road makers." The story is riveting and believable. McDevitt looks at the things we use in our day to day life from the eyes of someone who has absolutely no idea what they used to do. And that is a strange viewpoint that haunts me to this day. It gave me an idea for a story, set in a similar universe - maybe I will write that story here, when I get access to the writers forum.
  2. Hello, I'm brand new on here and seeking some help from any fellow bookworms/avid readers! I'm currently beginning my second year of English Literature A2. As part of our coursework module we have to produce 2500-3000 words in either analytical essay form or creative writing form (eg writing in the style of the books you have read) and this is on a central theme, and then 3 books/poems that relate to that theme. I have a few ideas of what theme and books I would like but what I'm looking for is some help or elaboration of book ideas for the themes I do have? My teacher said one has to be 'literary' or more of a classic, then the other 2 can be more modern in order to compare. My ideas: Racism/prejudice - The Help Dystopian novels/alternate reality - The Handmaid's Tale, and then something a hell of a lot more modern like one of the new young adult dystopia books e.g Matched, The Hunger Games etc History - I'm very naive on this subject but I love Philippa Gregory and have an avid interest in historical fiction And of course any themes or books you wonderful people suggest! I am so grateful to anyone who takes the time to help out a newbie on here!
  3. Dystopian novels

    I'm really into dystopian novels at the moment I have just read the whole Hunger Games trilogy and I absolutely loved it. I am now reading Crossed, the second book of the Matched series and I really want to read more dystopian books. Does anyone know some other good dystopian novels?