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Found 2 results

  1. Most Famous Book from Every State, : Most Famous Authors from Every State . How many have you read ? I think I may have a crack at both of these Not an impossibly large goal, and it should be interesting . I'm not sure yet what order I'll go in, whether alphabetically by state, or choose one book at a time from one list ,then the other . Need to do a little planning on it, but it should be fun ,and also not a really strict schedule to follow. Lots of books to choose from between the 2 lists and also , no time frame to complete it . In a few cases, there are overlapping authors and states ,so in that case, I'll have to choose a different book for the same author . Lists in posts below for books, then states .
  2. Reading Challenges

    I wasn't sure if a general discussion on reading challenges should be in the Reading Challenges forum or in the General Book Discussions forum, so feel free to move it if I made the wrong choice. I see several people on here doing one or even multiple Reading Challenges. I think it's great that these people are challenging themselves, based on countries, famous lists, literature, etc. However for me, at least with my busy schedule lately, I couldn't handle the pressure of doing a reading challenge (or any other kind of challenge for that matter). Maybe in a while this will be different (I hope to be less stressed at least) but right now I don't want to do it. I want to enjoy reading and read what I feel like reading, not what I think I should read (other than literature for university). So if I feel like reading a work that's not so famous, not so literary or whatever other reason, then I just want to do so. Now I'm very proud of all of you who do do reading challenges and who manage to succeed in them! So don't take this as any sort of critisism on what you're doing or any bad comments on your progress or anything. I'm simply saying I don't think it's for me. I've never tried it though, I didn't know about reading challenges before I joined this forum. Right now I just couldn't handle the pressure, and even once I become less stressed I might just want to enjoy reading what I feel like at that specific moment. If that happens to be a famous literary book (for example) that is on many lists, then so be it. And of course I want to read all the unread books on my shelves (and reread ones I have read). And I did say in my reading thread that I'd try to read more of this or that this year. But right now I'm just reading what I feel like reading (I should point out that I have read some of what I stated in my thread I'd try to read). Even making a TBR-soon can be difficult, as it depends on my mood. Right now the TBR-soon contains books of various genres, so if I'm in the mood for science-fiction right now the book I might read would be Replay (because I've heard a lot about it from others on this forum). However I might not be in the mood for science-fiction for a while. It by Stephen King has been on the TBR-soon for several months now, but it's big and horrory and I haven't been in the mood yet. For a read-a-thon I do prefer to have a TBR-soon otherwise I might lose too much time spent on trying to pick a book from all the books on my shelves. How do you deal with a reading challenge or making a long-term reading plan? Anyway, I applaud all of you who are doing one or multiple reading challenges but I don't think it's quite for me .