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Found 6 results

  1. I read this book a few months back and I absolutely loved it! Brilliant storytelling. A simple story, combined with strong narrative. The lead character, Cormoran is so unique. Galbraith managed to portray some unforgettable characters in this book.
  2. Hi all.. I'm looking for a book I read about 10 years ago. I can't remember the title or the author.. just something about "Boston" that was on the cover. The storyline was about a boy who ended up raping a little girl in the park/woods who rode a bike and his mother came to find out about his deed when the police began to look for him. She hid him in a secret room/bathroom under the staircase in their house, and (I think) she died and another family moves in while this man is still hidden under the stairs. He ends up kidnapping and raping and killing and burying all of the daughters of the house. Please can anyone help
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to remember/ find an American crime novel I read in the late 90s. Maybe even around the year 2000. Story was: a cop with a disabled ex wife is working on a case. He has a vendetta against a man he knows is guilty of another crime, so gives this name to a black gang who are looking for a culprit for a murder in their circles... I remember the book being called simply 'Murder Book', based on the idea that all murders were written in a big book or something. The cover was plain black - very simple and striking. Ring any bells? Maybe I'm wrong and it's called something slightly different. Annoyingly James Patterson has used that title recently, which makes googling the title hopeless. I remember buying the book because of the strong title, but you don't want it to be so vague no one can do a search for it. Lesson to aspiring crime writers! Cheers Jasoni
  4. Set in the fictitious English village of Chillingley, this is a gripping and entertaining read. The plot revolves around the framing of one of the villagers for murder and the rallying of some of the others to try to solve the mystery and find the real culprit. Lydia, a one time actress from America, has been the recipient of malicious notes for some time before the peace of the village is disturbed by the discovery of two bodies at the gatehouse of Horsfield Lodge.A further note lures her to the scene of the crime, where she is found by the police. Muriel, a friend of Lydia's, helped by some other villagers, comes to her rescue as she determines to get to the bottom of the mystery and find the real culprit. At first it doesn't seem possible that Lydia has an enemy in the village, although there is reason to suspect one of them. Muriel thinks it more likely the enemy is from Lydia's acting days in America, but she keeps an open mind and pursues both lines of enquiry. The mystery deepens when more bodies appear on separate occasions. The only clue lies in the handwriting on the notes. Tom, a handwriting analysis expert, outlines some of the characteristics of the writer, but at this stage they don't seem to be of much use, There is lots of action and many twists before the final solution. The author captures the atmosphere of the village and draws us in to the lives of the characters, which makes it a fascinating read. The narrative is fast moving and the author's witty way with words a pleasure. I particularly enjoyed the pertinent remarks on the British way of life. I think this will appeal if you enjoy a good mystery with a great cast of characters.
  5. Hi There I read a review a few weeks ago about a new murder mystery novel based on a cruise ship and I cannot seem to find it anywhere and I don't have the magazine where I read the review. I think the review was in The Shortlist magazine and cannot remember the author or the title and have been searching amazon new releases and still no joy. I like going on cruises and love murder crime novels and thought this would be the perfect book to read. I need help, if anyone knows the author or the title could you please let me know. Thanks for your help. Cheers Steve
  6. I'm basically asking if there is any fiction (probably thriller or science fiction) where a murderer decides based on some kind of vote or poll who he kills, or they can suggest victims etc. I remember seeing a movie where the killer had a website the police could not take down, the first victim was an animal. It doesn't have to be the public making a choice between two victims, fiction where the killer poses a yes or no choice is also an answer (not to the victim, of course). If you know of any fiction with a theme like this, please answer this question! It would be a tremendous help.