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Found 1 result

  1. From Amazon BILLIONAIRE SUICIDE MYSTERY When news reaches Sister Madeleine that her old friend Howard Barley, a global publishing tycoon, has died in grisly circumstances, she is shocked and extremely suspicious, especially when she learns that Howard left his entire estate to her. Forced to abandon the familiar comforts of St Winifred's convent, Madeleine and her young assistant Roberta take up residence in Milkwood Hall, the billionaire's mansion in Los Angeles, and immediatly find themselves plunged into terrible danger. Burned human remains, mysterious messages, shaking floors, a freezer full of corpses, strangers roaming the grounds, and encounters with a shady organisation she was once only too familiar with- the puzzles keep piling up, forcing Madeleine to draw on every ounce of courage and cunning at her disposal to track down a killer, someone who won't stop until she's dead too. With his signature subversive wit, award winning author,Cash Peters tosses a grenade of originality into the world of action-adventure writing, offering a locomotive ride of suspense, riddles, surprise twists, humor, cliffhangers and timeless characters. ________________________________________________________________________________ About the Author Cash Peters is a British born author/ journalist now living in LA.He is a regular broadcaster on Five Live's Up All Night. He has written three books based on his US T.V. travel show series ; Gullible's Travels, Naked in Dangerous Places and Stranded in Dangerous Places, the first of which won the Benjamin Franklin Award for humour.He is a handwriting analysis expert and has written several books on the subject.A regular contributor to the US magazine Spirituality and Health he takes a great interest in matters spiritual and has recently published a book about his experiences at the house of John of God in Brazil- A Little Book about Believing. Force of Habit is his first novel My Comments Force of Habit is a book full of surprises, not just in terms of the plot, which is outlined above, but also in terms of the characters, the situations they are placed in, humour,etc. The main character, Sister Madeleine, is no ordinary nun,as you will realise if you have seen the picture on the cover of the book She has a secret past which is now catching up with her. When transported to LA she is more than able to defend herself against the enemy and has little need of the ex Navy SEALS engaged to be her body guards. She leaves behind a convent where the novices are referred to as ferrets and are taught combat skills.They learn to sing Christmas songs, such as French translations of Frosty The Snowman and I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus. Daily exercise is taken doing so many circuits round the knitted chapel! Humour in various forms runs alongside the action throughout,but in no way detracts from the suspense. One of my favourite illustrations of this is , Madeleine's assistant explaining why she was always late ,"On one occasion she'd found a budgerigar with a broken beak in the refrectory rafter,she said.Another time,one of the senior canonicals had hanged herself in the gymnasium with her own dressing gown cord and needed to be cut down.There was always somthing" Surprises abound as the plot unravels- we are introduced to several futuristic devices such as a hovmov,which whizzes along a few feet above the ground. The biggest surprise of all comes with the solving of the suicide mystery and the finding of the Executive Codes which Madeleine has been desparately seeking. I enjoyed this book so much that I read it twice. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good action packed mystery ,particularly if you enjoy something a little offbeat that dares to be different.