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  1. Also from Lord of the Rings: Tom Bombadil. Drove me mad the first couple of times I attempted to read this book (and was the reason I abandoned reading it, twice). I've since got past him but it took an effort!
  2. Book Titles A to Z

    Perfect - Rachel Joyce
  3. Book Titles A to Z

    Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton
  4. Favorite words?

    Riggwelter. It's a Yorkshire Dales word for a sheep that's stuck on its back. Sadly I've only ever had chance to use it once in conversation.
  5. Are you the main reader in your life?

    I'm the biggest reader in my family now. My brother reads a fair bit, but he has phases where he doesn't read (unlike me). My mum used to read all the time but not so much anymore. My boyfriend's read one book in the 5 years I've known him. At work though, we all seem to be readers.
  6. The 13 Quirkiest Roads You Should See

    The one is Norway looks like it should be a surrealist painting. It's beautiful!
  7. When you write book reviews...

    Well I know that If I ever get a book published I would be reading reader reviews as they're the important ones, and if there were criticisms that kept being mentioned I could work on them if the future... But I know what you mean about controversy, and all my comments are only ever about what I read in the book. I've seen reviews that are downright insulting, not so much reviews as personal attacks, which aren't helpful at all.
  8. When you write book reviews...

    I generally leave it a couple of days before I write a review. If I do it straight away, there'll always be something I really liked or disliked about the book that will take over what I write. If I leave it, the review is a bit more balanced. I never write a synopsis. I always start by writing what my initial thought was as soon as I closed the book, then try and summarise how I felt about the whole thing in general. For the main part of my review I go through the positive aspects first, then negative, and include thoughts on storyline, characters, setting the scene, writing style etc. Even if I hated the book I can usually find something positive to say. I close by saying whether I would read it again, what I got out of it, if I'd recommend it and suchlike. I also always keep in mind that the author of the book might well read it, and I know if it were me I'd want an honest and constructive opinion! My rating can be based on a few things, not just how much I liked it. I've given 3 stars to books I loved as much as to books I didn't like much at all. It usually depends on how much I liked the writing style, as well as the storyline. I've enjoyed reading truly terrible books because I liked the way they were written, and similarly, really liked good stories that were written really badly (all in my own opinion).
  9. Goodreads

    I've been on Goodreads for a couple of years now. I had been looking for a way of keeping track of what I'd read and where I could write reviews and this fits the bill. I love reading book reviews; I like seeking out ones with the opposite opinion to the one I have of a book, it's good to see a different perspective.
  10. Bookmark or dog-eared page?

    I've never turned down the corner of a book. I don't think I could! I have a bookmark I got from the library, with the opening times printed on it. Otherwise I'll use a train ticket, receipt, leaflet, envelope, bit of wool ... endless list. As long as it isn't something that will mark the pages.
  11. Buy or borrow?

    The majority of books I read I get from the library. I have access to around 20 libraries so I alternate between them, and there's plenty of choice. I'll buy new if I'm working away from home or if it's an author I really like, but I like the library as I can just pick up books at random and not worry I've wasted money if I don't like it.
  12. Dreams

    I've never even picked one up!
  13. Dreams

    It isn't often I have recurring dreams, but last week I had two very similar ones in which I became a world-class ukulele player.
  14. Books you should like...but don't

    I felt exactly the same about this book. The story started off ok, but it turned into a whaling encyclopaedia and this spoilt it entirely for me. I find whaling to be an interesting subject but I'd sooner read it in a reference book and not in the middle of a novel. I'll also give Lord of the Rings a mention. It's a brilliant concept and I love the films, but I have tried to read the books several times and they don't hold my interest. The Catcher in the Rye is the only book I have ever thrown across a room.
  15. Best Selling books of 2013

    I've read three of these: Hundred year old man ... was my favourite book that I read last year. I'd like to see the film adaptation! The Life of Pi I read several years ago, it took a few attempts but I enjoyed it in the end. The Unlikely Pilgrimage was a bit of a let-down for me though.