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      I'm very excited to finally share with you that BCF now has patreon! I'm sure some of you are familiar with patreon already, but for those who aren't here's what it means for the forum:   You will now be able to support the forum monthly. The amount you'd like to give is entirely up to you but, the more you give, the more rewards you get. The rewards (this is the most exciting part!) include entry to a monthly competition when you donate $2 or more. I really cannot wait to show you the first competition prize!   I really do need your support to keep this forum running and I hope that with patreon I can give something back to those who do support too. I am also aware that there's a possibility this might not work. For that reason, I'll be running it on a 6 month trial and I would really appreciate your feedback in that time.   Members who are current supporters will get automatic entry into the competitions until their current years membership runs out (although obviously you can still join the patreon before your current membership runs out if you want to!)   If you have any questions just send me a message, or come to the 'Changes' section of the forum.   If you'd like to get started on patreon, you can find the Book Club Forum here... https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum       

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  1. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Aw, hope you enjoy them. And yay for hardbacks !
  2. Brian's Book Log - Ongoing

    Lovely book pics. Are you going to try the Wallander series ? I loved the Krister Henrikson ones.
  3. I read that years ago ! No idea about the scandal.
  4. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Hurray ! Amazon are doing another Kindle Unlimited 3-month thingy, so I`ll subscribe to that in a few days. Looking forward to the Wicked Witches of the Midwest books and EE Holmes latest ( which isn`t available yet, but should be in December, hopefully ).
  5. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Yes ! Roll on Book 3.
  6. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    The Sharon Kahn books are fun ( lightweight, but in a good way - not overly taxing and the mystery bit is good, as well as lovely characters ).
  7. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    October`s Reads : First place goes to Flunking Sainthood, a witty, touching and informative memoir of the year the author spent following different spiritual practices. I also highly rated the May Sarton journal and the Ada Madison books with a maths professor solving mysteries.
  8. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    September`s Reads : September Reads First place goes to Brief Cases , then The Asperger`s Mystery Book 2 and the Ada Madison : Prof Sophie Knowles mysteries.
  9. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    I missed this completely ! What a great story. Was that when you lived near Rita Mae Brown ?
  10. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    Aw, lovely Doctor Blake. I`m almost up to date with last season`s DC shows ( Arrow, Flash, Supergirl - have seen Legends of Tomorrow finale already ).
  11. I had a look on Amazon and it does look cute.
  12. Ooh, sounds good. Is it similar to Kiki`s Delivery Service ?
  13. How many books have you read this year?

    I read a lot of cosy mysteries, which are around 220-250 pages per book ; that`ll take me around 2/12 to 3 hrs per book. I do neglect other things in order to spend more time reading ( and go to bed earlier to read, too ). Good luck reaching 50 !
  14. How many books have you read this year?

    I haven`t read the last two books - Witch Interrupted, and Close Encounters of the Witchy Kind - I`ll read them the next time there`s a Kindle Unlimited deal. Are you up to date with them ?
  15. How many books have you read this year?

    208 for me, hoping to get to 250 by the end of the year.