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  1. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Latest book haul - and Xiao-Xiao helping.
  2. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    I did take a peek at what happened going on in the series, but it didn`t quite click for me. Have you tried the Kathy Reichs ones ?
  3. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    So, I finally read my first Round Robin book, The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths. Did I like it ? Yes. Am I glad I read it ? Nooo. Other than that, it reminded me of Kathy Reichs` Temperance Brennan books, which I enjoy. The Crossing Places is set in Norfolk and involves an archaeologist ( Ruth Galloway ) at a Norfolk University being co-opted onto a case involving a missing girl. I could`ve done without Ruth calling herself fat repeatedly and I did figure out whodunnit quite early on, but I think this is a book which someone else might really like. There are some vivid descriptions of Ruth`s home in the Saltmarsh and some interesting discussions of Archaeological-type stuff.
  4. Frankie reads 2018

    So now I`m thinking, `only ` 500 more books till I need to feel worried about my TBR !
  5. Frankie reads 2018

    And Kindles don`t have an exciting scent either. I do prefer `real` books, but having got to `know` lots of authors through giving their books a go on Kindle...
  6. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Fun article on giving up ( or not ) on a book you don`t enjoy. Click. The Cut.com.
  7. Frankie reads 2018

    I read lots of new books on Kindle U. and found some great, new (to me ) authors. It`s a fab way to try out books. Mount TBR ( ) has climbed steadily. I haven`t dared do a count this year, for fear that it`s now above 900.
  8. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    I *may* be able to find a book to read...
  9. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Carole Shmurak`s Death by Committee - a fun academic mystery, which I read on KU and really liked. Free atm.
  10. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Ah, lovely Paddington.. I think the longest mysetries* were 5+ hours. * I`ve given up trying to spell it.
  11. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Ooh, all those culture sections with their book reviews...
  12. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Yes - they`re mainly mysteries, which don`t tend to be Mighty Tomes.
  13. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Yes ! I found plenty of goodies. I think you`ll get ahead of me with `books read ` soon, cos I`ll be catching up with newspapers and magazines.
  14. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    Particular favourites ( I`ve picked the first of the series, if it isn`t a standalone ) : The Disappearance of Mavis Woodstock - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman The Tokyo Karaoke Murder - Fran Pickering The Decagon House Murders - Yukito Ayatsuji The Man who died laughing - David Handler The Paper Magician - Charlie N Holmberg Followed by Frost - Charlie N Holmberg A Time of Mourning - Christobel Kent The Family Vault - Charlotte MacLeod Rest You Merry - Charlotte MacLeod Go - Kazuki Kaneshiro
  15. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2018

    A list of the Books I read on a 3-month Kindle Unlimited Thingy : ( I`ve starred the Books which I would recommend ). 74 Witchy tales - Amanda M Lee * 75 A Witch in Time - Amanda M Lee * April 76 Thistle While you Work - Amanda M Lee * 77 Landon Calling - Amanda M Lee* 78 Make a Witch - Amanda M Lee* 79 A Witchmas Carol - Amanda M Lee* 80 All My Witches - Amanda M Lee* 81 The Bigfoot Blunder - Amanda M Lee* 82 I Dream of Twila - Amanda M Lee* 83 How Aunt Tillie stole Christmas - Amanda M Lee* 84 The Disappearance of Mavis Woodstock - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman* 85 The Murder of Susan Reed - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman* 86 Death in Door County - Rosalind Burgess & Patricia Obermeier Neuman* 87 Unhappy Hooligan - Stuart palmer 88 The Gourmet Detective - Peter King 89 Savage Cut - Jo Dereske* 90 Rook Takes Night - Stuart Palmer May 91 A Breath of Witchy Air - Amanda M Lee* 92 Deadmistress - Carole B Shmurak* 93 Death by Committee - Carole B Shmurak* 94 Death at Hilliard High - carole B Shmurak* 95 Most Likely to Murder - Carole B Shmurak* 96 The Cherry BVlossom Murder - Fran Pickering* 97 The Tokyo Karaoke Murder - Fran Pickering* 98 The Haiku Murder - Fran Pickering* 99 Blood on the Tracks. ed. by Martin Rfwards 100 The Bullet Train Murder - Fran Pickering* 101 The Decagon House Murders - Yukito Ayatsuji* 102 Time at the Top - Edward Ormondroyd* 103 All in Good Time - Edward Ormondroyd* 104 Portraits of the Forsaken - EE Holmes* 105 The Man who died laughing - David handler* 106 The man who lived by Night - David Handler* 107 The man who would be F Scott Fitzgerald - David handler* June 108 The Woman who fell from Grace - David Handler* 109 The Boy who never grew up - David Handler* 110 The man who cancelled himself - David handler* 111 The girl who ran off with Daddy - David Handler* 112 The Museum of Literary Souls - John Connolly* 113 The Man who loved women to death - David Handler* 114 Appleby`s End - Michael Innes 115 A Night of Errors - Michael Innes 116 Omit Flowers - Stuart Palmer 117 The Lone Sentinel - Jo Dereske* 118 The King of Bones and Ashes - JD Horn 119 The Paper Magician - Charlie N Holmberg* 120 The Glass Magician - Charlie N Holmberg* 121 The Fugitive King - Sarah R Shaber* 122 Dead Heading - Catherine Aird 123 Losing Ground - Catherine Aird 124 A Time of Mourning - Christobel kent* 125 Four Short Stories - Sarah R Shaber* 126 The Roman Hat Mystery - Ellery Queen 127 The Moai island Puzzle - Alice Arisugawa* 128 In the Land of the Crane - Linda Vine 129 The Ginza Ghost - Keikichi Osaka* 130 Past Tense- Catherine Aird 131 The Master Magician - Charlie N Holmberg* 132 The Plastic Magician - Charlie N Holmberg* 133 Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet - Charlie N Holmberg* 134 The Fifth Doll - Charlie N Holmberg* 135 Followed by Frost - Charlie N Holmberg* 136 Death in the Dark - Stacey Bishop 137 The Bug Funeral - Sarah R Shaber* 138 Go - Kazuki Kaneshiro* 139 The Family Vault - Charlotte MacLeod* 140 The Archivist - Christy Sloan* 141 The Withdrawing Room - Charlotte MacLeod* 142 The Palace Guard - Charlotte MacLeod* 143 The Bilbao Looking Glass - Charlotte MacLeod* 144 The Convivial Codfish - Charlotte MacLeod* 145 The Plain Old Man - Charlotte MacLeod* 146 The Recycled Citizen - Charlotte MacLeod* 147 The Silver Ghost - Charlotte MacLeod* 148 The Gladstone bag - Charlotte MacLeod* 149 The Resurrection man - Charlotte MacLeod* 150 The Odd Job - Charlotte MacLeod* 151 The Balloon Man - Charlotte MacLeod* 152 Rest You Merry - Charlotte MacLeod* 153 The Luck Runs Out - Charlotte MacLeod* 154 Wrack and Rune - Charlotte MacLeod* 155 The Curse of the Giant Hogweed - Charlotte MacLeod* 156 Vane Pursuit - Charlotte MacLeod* 157 An Owl Too many - Charlotte MacLeod* 158 Something in the Water - Charlotte MacLeod* 159 Exit the Milkman - Charlotte MacLeod* 160 A pint of Murder - Charlotte MacLeod 161 Murder Goes Mumming - Charlotte MacLeod July 162 Trouble in the Brasses - Charlotte MacLeod 163 A Dismal Thing to Do - Charlotte MacLeod 164 The Wrong Rite - Charlotte MacLeod 165 The Question of the Missing Head - EJ Copperman* 166 Something the Cat Dragged in - Charlotte MacLeod* 167 The Corpse in Oozak`s Pond - Charlotte MacLeod*