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  1. I think that`s what my Radio Times says ( same one ? ) . Ooh, it`s on in a week !
  2. Thanks Kell.
  3. How many more books will you be able to display ?
  4. 29C now ; there were three or four raindrops this afternoon, but now it's clear and humid.
  5. Those Amory Ames books do look like fun.
  6. Thank you. I`m excited about your new bookshelf pics.* * When you`re all sorted out.
  7. Oh, how brilliant !
  8. It seems okay today, so hopefully the broadband glitches are fixed now. I`m wearing my jim-jam bottoms in the house ; they actually look like summer trousers, thin cotton with a nice design and pockets - it`s too hot ! 25c now, 29 tomorrow, and hopefully thunderstorms on Wednesday night ( though we`ve been promised big storms before and got a bit of drizzle instead). Commiserations to the Londoners.
  9. Aww, you`re welcome. I noticed you were reading them, but didn`t want to be pushy and ask how you were liking them ( I think I`ve pushed enough people into trying them ! ) I`m up to book 20 myself ; it`s in my TBR,waiting till I need a reading kickstart, or for a treat at Xmas.
  10. 29C today - I think the heat`s affecting the internet connection, cos it keeps going off. Aaarggh.
  11. : giggles :
  12. Glad you enjoyed it.
  13. 25c today, with a lovely warm breeze. Supposedly hotter tomorrow, yay!
  14. Thanks Gaia and Madeleine. I did wonder because of something towards the end of the book, which was quite difficult to read. Then again, imagination adds so much to things, so actually seeing the TV adaptation might not be as scary. I'm so glad that it's been picked up by a UK channel ; I did look at the DVDs quite recently, too.