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  1. Aw, that`s a lovely thought.
  2. Thanks ! Yes, reading/buying is going well.
  3. #48 Murder is a Collector`s Item - Elizabeth Dean #49 The best of Pat McDermott #50 Family matters - Pat McDermott #51 The Most of Nora Ephron, #52 Sister Mother Husband Dog etc - Delia Ephron Both excellent non-fiction collections, with a way of making you feel they`re chatting just to you. #53 Doe this church make me look fat ? - Rhoda Janzen The further non-fiction adventures of a lapsed Mennonite who joins the Pentecostal Church. Touching, funny, inspiring. #54 Notorious Nineteen - Janet Evanovich Meh. #55 Fundraising the Dead - Sheila Connolly #56 Plant Dreaming Deep - May Sarton Lovely journal of poet May Sarton`s time in a small New Hampshire village. Living alone, she ponders the big questions, while describing the passing of the seasons. #57 Night of the Living Deed - EJ Copperman Cosy mystery. Alison and her daughter buy a fixer-upper on the Jersey Shore and work on turning it into a guest house. The place turns out to be haunted and Alison investigates the deaths of the ghosts. Very funny, with some superb twists. #58 Glory in Death - JD Robb #59 Underfoot in Showbusiness - Helene Hanff Excellent. Very funny, non-fiction account of Helene Hanff`s time on Broadway ( or rather, trying to get there ) in the 1940s. #60 Death of an Englishman - magdalen Nobb #61 Killer Librarian - Mary Lou Kirwin Cosy mystery. Minnesota Librarian Karen gets dumped just before leaving for her trip of a lifetime, and decides to visit London alone. Staying in a small B&B, she gets up one morning to find a fellow guest murdered. A lovely, snuggly read. #62 Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides Coming-of-age novel set amongst Greek-American community. Superb. #63 The Serpent on the Crown - Elizabeth Peters. Another goodie. #64 Come, tell me how you live - Agatha Christie Non-fiction account of Agatha Christie`s visits to Syria in the 1930`s, accompanying her archaeologist husband. #65 Murder past due - Miranda James #66 The martian - Andy Weir ` Edge-of-the-seat thriller. Astronaut gets stranded alone on Mars and has to save himself. Just a wonderful read. #67 Thirteen Guests - J Jefferson Farjeon #68 Marjorie Morningstar - Herman Wouk #69 The House by the Sea - May Sarton Poet May Sarton relocates to a secluded house in Maine, keeping this journal of her time there. Inspiring. #70 The Ghost orchid - Carol Goodman Writer Ellis is staying at a writers` retreat to work on her novel, about a real-life scandal and murder which happened in the 1920s at the very same retreat. As she researches the long ago events, ghosts from the past start affecting the present day.... #71 I knew a Phoenix - may Sarton #72 Why is my Mother getting a Tattoo? - Jancee Dunn Non-fiction. Hilarious essays on journalist Jancee Dunn`s family. #73 Beastly Things - Donna Leonm #74 The Missing Link - Katharine Farrer
  4. Books read : 74 TBR 904 New Books Bought : 89 Total Cost : £210.74
  5. The top 3 books are from The Save the Kitties shop - 50p, 50p, 20p. The rest are from the Samaritans sale - 10p each !
  6. Recent book buys - 50p each from the Save the Kitties shop. Lots of lovely Amazon goodies.
  7. Latest pic of the dining room table. 232 books. Started off the year with 198. Eep. No idea how that happened.... BTW, the Murakami book Wind/Pinball comes with 3-D glasses for the exciting cover.
  8. I just saw that the new Inspector has his own Twitter account.
  9. You`ve talked about him with such love on here ; I`m sure he knew he was loved and couldn`t have had a better life.
  10. It`s awful when furry family members die. How are you doing today ?
  11. Oh no ! I`m so, so sorry about William. How awful for you and your family. Poor William.
  12. Melissa Bank. She`s written two books - The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing, and The Wonder Spot. I would love to read more from her.
  13. I shall note them in my `get to at some point` list.
  14. And sometimes, you have to be in a particular mood for something, too.
  15. That freebie idea sounds good.