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    My greatest passion is the written word - but I also need these: running, spinning, coffee, music (metal, mainly Epica and Lacuna Coil), writing. My other interests include history, law, crime, well-written TV shows and films, photography, psychology and sociology.

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  1. Your Book Activity - November 2017

    You're a braver reader than I am! I always worry my book will get wet or I will drop in the bath.
  2. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    I read it in English, when the original is in English I usually try to read it in that language.
  3. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    Murder on the Orient Express review Being Belgian, it's a crime that I've read a Poirot story before! As you can imagine, I'd heard quite a bit about Agatha Christie and her most famous character, Hercule Poirot. I also believe this is the most famous story starring the Belgian detective. I had high expectations, and they were definitely met. This story being written almost a century ago, the writing style is obviously different - but I enjoyed that. Christie writes a very vivid tale with enough details for the reader to easily picture the story, but not so many that it becomes a drag. The characters were cleverly put together, the plot moved along at a good pace. The reveal in the end was very surprising, which is obviously the aim of any good detective story. Right before the end I got a bit annoyed at the amount of coincidence, but even that is deal with. I'll definitely be reading more. This was part of a collection of five Poirot stories and I've started on the next one, Cards on the Table.
  4. Athena's Reading List 2017

    Those sound like interesting graphic novels! It would be nice to reach 50,000 pages, but crossing 45,000 pages is already a very nice number! Congratulations on the 200 books
  5. Which is the best Game of Thrones edition ?

    As far as I know, all editions have all the content. I don’t think there’s any editions missing passages, so you’re safe wherever you buy them. I bought the five books as paperbacks published by Bantam for roughly 25 euros on the German website of Amazon - in English.
  6. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    Thank you guys I love the chair, it's very comfy. I love my bookshelves too, even though I could use more of them!
  7. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    I'm enjoying Murder on the Orient Express so far! We went and picked up my new reading chair today. I had a black Poäng from Ikea before and this is my new reading chair. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
  8. Your Book Activity - November 2017

    I'm reading Murder on the Orient Express. I've only just started, but I really like the atmosphere - and Poirot's honesty! It's part of a collection of Poirot stories. I took it from the library for this specific story, but might read the others too. I'm having a huge book lover's dilemma. A few years ago, I read the Night Watch series by Sergey Lukyanenko. I read the first three books in Dutch, because they only have the Dutch book in the library. I couldn't find the fourth, so I bought it in English. It was a complicated story, though, and it had been a while since I'd read the Dutch books, so I wanted to re-read before reading the fourth book. Now I want to buy the first three books in English so I can read them all in English. However, looking on The Book Depository and Amazon, the author has written two more books in the series. So I'd need to buy five books, and this month I really can't afford to spend 50 euros on books. Well, I can afford it technically - it's more a matter of I shouldn't. I was thinking of buying them one at a time, since The Book Depository has free shipping. But I know I'll want to read all the books in one go and The Book Depository can take quite a while to deliver, and the delivery times are different every time. I'm going to London in two weeks, and I always have a budget for books then, so I might buy them there. Aargh, what to do, what to do...
  9. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    I've been reading Last Night in Twisted River Last Night in Twisted River review She bu de. I can't bear to let go. Even though no subsequent Irving novel has captured and engrossed me the way In One Person did, the phrase mentioned above definitely rings true for Last Night in Twisted River. Personally, I think this feeling can be mostly attributed to the characters. This novel is very clearly character-driven. There is no real plot, but the novel is so much more than 'slices of life'. We follow Daniel Baciagalupo throughout his life, but not in chronological order. We meet him at different ages, at different places, at different phases of his life. For an Irving protagonist, he's quite subdued and I liked the fact that he wasn't extravagant or extraordinary. He's interesting enough to not be boring, but his character left enough room for others to shine. Dominic (his father), Ketchum, Six-Pack Pam, Injun Jane, Joe, Carmella, Katie, Lupita, Lady Sky - and so many others are all very distinct personalities. Following the interactions of these characters as actions bring about unexpected consequences was simply riveting. I also loved how it became full-circle at the end, loved that hint of meta fiction. I did feel that some characters weren't developed enough - we only really touched the surface of Joe, and I felt there was more to Rosie than we learnt through the stories of Ketchum and Injun Jane. I always like to read Irving's family histories, but I would have liked him to have expanded on it more in this novel. His regular themes come back - there's wrestling and academie, but not overbearingly so. It was mostly in the background. Reading Irving, all his male protagonists seem to have a thing for large women or women who are really too old for them - and often both. I might have already felt this with other novels, but it's becoming a bit old and tired. This won't stop me from reading more Irving, though. The funny thing is, whenever I read the blurbs of his novels I don't think I'll be that interested, yet every time the novel sweeps me off my feet and leaves me wanting more. Even though this novel was far from perfect, I'm sad to have to let these people go. Next up is Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.
  10. Andrea's Reads, 2017

    I read The Lovely Bones years ago - I just checked my Goodreads account and it was in July 2011. I wasn't in the habit of writing reviews at the time and I have no particular memory of it other than reading it because I'd liked the film. But I gave it four stars, so I must have enjoyed it! I'm now curious to see what you think of it perhaps reread it.
  11. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    Thanks, Athena As I'm sure many here will understand, I feel like reading has in part preserved my sanity these last two weeks. It probably helps that I'm reading an Irving novel - the author is familiar to me and he tends to always use similar themes, concepts, ways of story-telling. I do think I'll need to re-read when I feel better, because I have a feeling I'm not fully appreciating this work due to the stress I'm experiencing.
  12. Athena's Reading List 2017

    I like reading about your experiences with graphic novels. I only own one, Penny Dreadful, but haven't started it yet. I talked about this with my sister recently - how neither of us are drawn to them and how we both read 'regular' books much more easily than a graphic novel. Is there any strategy to reading graphic novels we might not have mastered?
  13. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    Thank you, @Athena I went to the doctor's, and he did prescribe something to make it a little easier on me.
  14. Athena's Reading List 2017

    I very often don't feel in the mood to write a review. Some books also need to settle in my mind a bit. It does help me to keep a general structure in mind - I always try to say something about the writing style/fluency, the characters, the plot and whether or not I'd recommend it to others. I also try not to get more than one book behind on reviews, because if I leave it too long I don't remember enough to write about it decently. Some books are also easier to review than others.
  15. Alexander's Literary Odyssey 2017

    I know I haven't been around much this week, but I'm going through a very difficult time right now. My life seems to be falling apart and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I don't know how I'm going to survive this. I feel like my head's going to explode. I haven't been able to read very much - or eat or drink or think or breathe well at all. I don't mean to worry anyone, just letting you know why I've not been here much.