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  1. I've been soooo busy recently that my reading has slowed down a little but I did finally finish Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (3.5/5) and have started Remembrance by Theresa Breslin, a little predictable so far but a nice easy read.
  2. Since I started eating Paleo I have had to try and get over some food dislikes, broccoli for one, I only started eating that a few years ago as the appearance always makes me think of brains , I can't go near cauliflower for that reason. Mushrooms and olives too, I can just about manage tiny pieces if they are in something else but the texture is just...yuk! I can now eat sauerkraut and sort of like it, and avocado if I eat in when the texture is right, I love the flavour and know they are a superfood so I make the effort. THANKFULLY, baked beans are a no no on Paleo so I don't have to try them, they are indeed the devil's food! Even the smell makes me nauseous, thankfully only one of my three kids ikes them!
  3. Lovely and sunny here and 24 degrees at the mo in the garden, breezy though so cooler indoors!
  4. Currently reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I'm enjoying it but can't say I agree with many reviewers who rave about it, the writing is a little wooden I feel and the first part of the story was distinctly unbelievable and dull. Yes, there is the exciting romance but it is getting rather repetitive! It flows so I think I'll finish it but perhaps she could have gor the whole story done in under 800+ pages?!
  5. Re Ben Elton, have you read any of his 'serious books'? I read Time and Time Again earlier this year and thought it was very well written and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  6. Thanks @Inver, I haven't really changed my categories, more trying to read books that fit them, will see how it goes, I don't generally do well with challenges as I prefer to read what I fancy when I fancy it! I'm currently on 18 book read this year but only 9 off the list. An update: A book you read in school A book from your childhood A book published over 100 years ago A book published in the last year - It Ends With Us - Colleen Hoover A non-fiction book A book written by a male author - Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave A book written by a female author - The Italian Girl - Lucinda Riley A book by someone who isn’t a writer - When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi A book that became/is becoming a film - The Boy on the Bridge by M.R.Carey (assuming!) A book published in the 20th Century A book set in your hometown/region A book with someone’s name in the title A book with a number in the title A book with a character with your first name - The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson (thanks @Janet) A book someone else recommended to you A book with over 500 pages - Our Song by Dani Atkins A book you can finish in a day A previously banned book A book with a one-word title - Mischling by Affinity Konar A book translated from another language A book that will improve a specific area of your life - Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms by Datis Kharrazian A memoir or journal A book written by someone younger than you A book set somewhere you’ll be visiting this year An award-winning book A self-published book
  7. I hope you enjoy them, they have both been very well received from the reviews I have seen.
  8. I can't remember if you read The Girl with all the Gifts, Gaia? The follow up, The Boy on the Bridge, has a character definitely on the autistic/Asperger spectrum, I felt he was portrayed very well but obviously that is speaking as an outsider to the condition.
  9. Yep, about time @Inver! Im currently reading Salt to the Sea by Ruth Sepetys, good so far.
  10. Sounds like a disagreeable little bugger dog! They are generally good natured but there is always the odd rogue! The fluffier ones are generally show dogs as that is what is expected in the show ring. I generally prefer the clipped ones but not too short or I think they look a bit odd. I rarely see Poodles sadly, there was one at agility but unfortunately we haven't been for a while so I haven't seen him, he was grey and called Brillo, as his coat resembled a brillo pad! (Do you have those in Finland? If not you'll need to google or you won't get why it's funny!)
  11. One more to add now - A book written by a female author - The Italian Girl - Lucinda Riley, it's going to start getting harder now though!
  12. 16 which isn't bad for me, plus a few non-fiction on the go which I may finish at some point.
  13. Finished The Italian Girl by Lucinda Riley, a new author to me but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will begin The Boy on the Bridge by M.R. Carey later today, the sequel to The Girl With All The Gifts, I've been looking forward to this one!
  14. I'm hoping to see this at the weekend, just trying to persuade one of my kids to go with me!
  15. I have this on my TBR, it sounds a little depressing, maybe with some sardonic humour, that's what attracted me to it. I'm not a big thriller fan but The Passenger looks interesting, have added it to my ever growing wish list!