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  1. Which Moyes books have you read? I"ve enjoyed almost all of the ones I've read, just a couple of exceptions. Have you tried Kristin Hannah, I find their books are written in a similar style. I have a couple more to read then I'll have read them all. For me; I want to read more Joseph Monninger, he was a pleasant surprise last year, also Christina Baker Kline and Daphne Du Maurier, I have books from all three on my shelves so there can be no excuse.
  2. It has been well received by members of BCF, mixed reviews elsewhere but generally positive. I'll let you know!
  3. Yes, I read it earlier this year, definitely a unique story; a man who studied literature, then became a neurosurgeon, who then gets a brain tumour, no one else could have been in the position of writing such a thought provoking book.
  4. If anyone is interested, The Essex Serpent is only £2.99 on Amazon UK at present, and delivery is free if you have Amazon Prime, I just ordered a copy and it will be here this evening, so quick and so cheap!
  5. I've not heard of this award, I'll have to take a look into the nominees and see if anything grabs me. Have you read When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, or The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks?
  6. I loved The Light Between Oceans, it was so beautifully written. I must watch the film, apparently it does the book justice, which doesn't happen too often! A lovely review as always, Kay.
  7. Hopefully they won't ALL be there in August! I agree re the accommodation, I have a complex diet and whilst I don't have severe reactions if I 'cheat' I do feel amazingly better if I stick to it. We have an apartment so we can self cater when we want to, but we will eat out a lot, I just stick to salads and meat and 2 veg type meals while away. Can you recommend a guide book, June? We are staying in the Split area.
  8. I thought I'd replied to this, not sure where I put it if so! Thanks Gaia, everyone I know that has been to Croatia has loved it and we have been keen to go for a while. We really don't know much about Amsterdam, we want to go to the Anne Frank museum, there is a walking WWII tour I would like to do but Maddie isn't so keen! Obviously a river cruise and maybe hire bicycles. I need a good guide book! Recommendations welcome!
  9. I'm glad the sunshine is making you feel better Gaia, I hate it when things don't go to plan because of other people not doing what they said they would, it must be so frustrating. You should treat yourself to a new book as compensation. We have finally managed to book our family summer holiday, it took us ages to find accommodation we liked in the area we wanted! We are off to Croatia for 10 days in August, it is somewhere we have wanted to go for a while so we are all very excited! Maddie finishes her GCSE's in June so we are hoping to spend a few days in Amsterdam to celebrate, just need to figure out dates with work first as I don't currently have holiday booked for then, I'm hopefully they'll be accommodating though.
  10. The last episode, probably ever, of Broadchurch, fantastic!
  11. Now that's dedication, I obviously didn't get that far!
  12. Clearly May didn't like all the attention on the U.S and North Korea. I don't hink I'll assume anything again after Brexit and Trump and will be thinking very carefully before I vote!
  13. You are definitely not a loser, Janet, thank you for your help, I have ordered The Impossible Knife of Memory, should be here in a couple of days! Can I ask though, how did you find them?
  14. I've met a fair few people that have met their partners on dating websites, I think it is just a modern way of meeting new people..look at all of us on here, ok, not many of us have met up but I'm sure we would if we lived closer. I'm glad you are happy and enjoying spending time with him, relationships always come with a degree of anxiousness, Steve and I have been together 20 years this years and we stil have our moments - all his fault of course!
  15. Maddie and I want to watch this asap, it's on Sky to rent now so we just need to find the time. Last night I watched Arrival with Robbie, it wasn't what I expected but still good, maybe a 7/10?