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  1. I feel so stupid right now, because I actually read that book. I really liked it! But it's not really about the crowd or the internet. Any more? I actually also saw a movie called Untraceable. But I am looking for more, especially books.
  2. I think the story of the game was pretty interesting, are there any books (except for the Alan Wake books, of course) that have writers as main characters and writing is explored as part of the story?
  3. I'm basically asking if there is any fiction (probably thriller or science fiction) where a murderer decides based on some kind of vote or poll who he kills, or they can suggest victims etc. I remember seeing a movie where the killer had a website the police could not take down, the first victim was an animal. It doesn't have to be the public making a choice between two victims, fiction where the killer poses a yes or no choice is also an answer (not to the victim, of course). If you know of any fiction with a theme like this, please answer this question! It would be a tremendous help.