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    Obviously I like reading lol. Apart from that I like to watch decent tv things like 'The Wire' 'Mad Men' 'Breaking Bad'
    I like to listen to music of any genre, but love to relax to some classical. Oh and I occasionaly like to spend time with my family :-)
  1. Charles Dickens

    Hi Julie, I will be reading Great Expectations next, I've downloaded it to my ipad (which is how I read) best part about it is these books are free to download! I believe I read it years ago at school but I wasn't much of a reader back then and really wouldn't have appreciated it. I'm so glad I've decided to try Dickens out. For me its exceptionally realistic storytelling, sad and funny. And it has sparked an interest in me about the Victorian lifestyle. And you can't get much more authentic these books were written in the 1800s after all.
  2. This forum is great!

    Yes this is a great forum, I don't contribute a hell of a lot but I'm always reading other peoples reviews and recommendations etc. Glad to live in an era where this is made possible
  3. Charles Dickens

    I'm still reading David Copperfield, its a mammoth book. I just can't believe all these years I've refused to read anything written by Charles Dickens. I think having to read these types of books at school probably put me off. So I decided to give it another go. And so glad I did. It is quite possibly one of the best books I've ever read! Its so refreshing to read a book where the English language is used to its full potential. And Mr Dickens has a God given talent of drawing you into characters lives and actually caring about them. The book has on several occasions brought a tear to my eye, and put a smile on my face. Great stuff!!
  4. Charles Dickens

    I'm reading David Copperfield at the moment, I knew nothing of the story if i'm being honest and I'm really enjoying it. But this kid sure is having some bad luck. Not a single thing is going right for the poor boy. I hope he gets his revenge later on in the book lol
  5. Stephen King

    I'm loving 11.22.63 which I am reading at the moment. I've not read anything else by the King I know "IT" is highly recommended but wasn't too excited about the movie which kind of puts me off the book. Was thinking about The Stand next or The Shining
  6. Your Book Activity Jan 2013

    I'm 130 pages into 11.22.63 by Stephen King and its absolutely brilliant so far. This is my first ever King novel and like his style!
  7. Similar to Terry Pratchett..

    Thanks I'll check these guys out
  8. Can anyone recommend me any authors similar to Terry Pratchett, Ive read some Robert Rankin books which are not too bad, and of course I've read the classic Hitch Hiikers Guide to the Galaxy. I know Pratchett is pretty unique but you never know I might be missing out on someone just as good....?
  9. What do you avoid?

    I tend to avoid anything fictional, I prefer to read about real life (mostly history) as long as it's written well. Having said that I do enjoy an occasional work of fiction Terry Pratchett books are brilliant and I have recently finished The first George Martin book .. A Game of Thrones, which was pretty good, but boring as hell in places
  10. Abandoned books

    Ive abandoned A clash of Kings for a while. 200 pages in and not a great deal has actually happened. I will return to it when I have more energy lol
  11. British History

    I'm reading at the moment "A History of Modern Britain" by Andrew Marr. Its the post war era up to about 2010 so probably not what your after but thought I'd mention it, if only for the fact its British history and its a very good book
  12. How many books do you own?

    I own about 150 physical books but must admit I have converted to reading on an Ipad, I know most people like to have an actual book in their hands, but I really do recommend this method of reading. You don't have to lick your fingers to turn a page for one thing haha
  13. Which country are you from?

    I'm from Southend-On-Sea Essex but moved to Somerset several years ago. The weather in Somerset is atrocious..... wetter than the atlantic ocean lol
  14. Just finnished A Game Of Thrones, but need a breather before I start his next one, so I have gone by some recommendations on this great Forum and purchased The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak which I am really enjoying.. its a great read!!
  15. Havn't as of yet, although I've just read A Game of Thrones and although I think the book is extraordinary, I'm not going to read the next one for a while as his books are massive and I don't want to be reading all of Geroge's books for the next 2 or 3 months