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  1. The Avengers

    This was the film of the year for me this year.
  2. How do you read a series/saga?

    I always try to buy every bood in the series.
  3. More football

    Reading are on form but we are currently drawing to Doncaster Rovers.
  4. Lee Child

    I don't understand why they wanted Tom Cruise in the role. I am shock to say at the least.
  5. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Safe House, it had lot of action but very enjoyable.
  6. Your book activity in 2012

    Today, I started reading, Simon Kenick A good day to die.
  7. Your book activity in 2012

    I just finshed Sean Black's Lockdown. It was a okay book; on one hand it was well written, but on the other, it was too much action. Even he was getting compared to Lee Child, he wasn't as good as Lee. The plot was impulsable at times, so in that case, it could of been better in that sense. Ovarell, it was a enjoyable read.
  8. Stephen leather

    I love Steven Leather's thrillers, there are some great book. but my favouirte one is Soft Target.
  9. Your book activity in 2012

    First post of this thread, I am reading Martina Cole The take, Lee Child Ego Burning, Sean Black Lock Down and Simon Kernick The Buisness of the dying.
  10. A avid crime/thriller reader and writer

    No I haven't yet, is it good? Thanks Thank you.
  11. Hello everyone, I am Andy Mitchell; 23 years old. I read crime and thriller authors like: Mark Billingham, Lee Child, Simon Kernick, Jack Higgins and Sean Black. I am currently writing a novel called the Death Penalty. I also write short stories, which are thrillers. I am looking forward to speaking to you all.