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  1. Hello Bree! I haven't seen you on here for a long while and I've been thinking about you. I hope everything is okay with you, and it's just a busy time and you have other things to do than to be on here :) *huggles* Take care! xo

  2. Thinking of you. X

  3. Hello Bree, I thought I would drop by and leave a hug for you. X

  4. The last film you saw - 2013

    A Western from the '50s : Shane. Really liked it.
  5. Hi!

    Hello Emily And welcome!
  6. Frankie reads 2013

    Wonderful frankie! I hope you read many more and enjoy them as well - and find them worthy enough of being on the list (I have my eyes on quite a few of your top reads, and hope to read them soon)
  7. Janet's Log - stardate 2013

    Ah I just saw your lovely lovely stamps - and I love the cover of I, Coriander - gorgeous! Your blog is a visual treat Janet. And - Hope your cold disappears soon dear Janet
  8. A little over half way through Wuthering Heights. I don't like it at all. The violence and the ugliness in it is getting me down.
  9. bree's log : 2013

    What vivid and mesmerising descriptions she weaves poppy! Which other books of hers would you recommend? I'd love to read more!
  10. A dismal 3. And AARGH. The first question. Actually the answer.
  11. Poppy's Books

    poppy - Glad you're enjoying it. I think I'll try and get myself a copy sometime this year. As to what Athena has mentioned, did you know the series is incomplete? Do you know if it is incomplete as The Lord Of The Rings would have been if it had stopped at The Two Towers? Or does it end in a more complete way and the new books would just add-on and take things forward?
  12. Word Association

    tick Should remember not to be hysterical around you poppy
  13. What's Up in March?

    pontalba and lucybird, thank you How amazing that you work at a Nursery lucybird - I don't know how you manage (I have to dig deep into dormant sources of energy and creativity to keep up with my one)
  14. The last film you saw - 2013

    Sorry I took so long to answer this poppy. Capote - I could understand why Hoffman won the Oscar - but the film really didn't engage much with me emotionally. (I think I feel this way about quite a few Oscar-winners - the films seem a bit too made-for-perfection and lacking some passion and rawness - if you know what I mean!)
  15. The last film you saw - 2013

    And I watched From Hell a few nights ago. Quite liked it.