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  1. Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

    It's a nice idea but not sure it really works like others said it's meant to be something you imagine. I'm sure there will be another petition to call it Bowium any day now...
  2. It's an ongoing issue not limited to DC I'm afraid. I hate it too. It tends to be better with some of the more serious stuff like The Dark Knight Returns and Year One etc.
  3. The Stand by Stephen King - Graphic Novel

    I have 5 of 6 at the moment, but the last one I need is pretty expensive at £15 so I've held off buying it. Aiming to re-read the Stand this year then will just bite the bullet and buy the final part. Let us know what you think if you start them before I do!
  4. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    My last blog kind of fizzled out towards the end of last year, life got in the way then I lacked the motivation to get back to it. So I thought I would change it completely this year and insted of focussing on SF/F/Horror I will post about the numerous tomes I am hoping to read at some point. This will be an ongoing, rather than a yearly blog, as I won't get through that many in a year. I will also update on my other reads and purchases. I will not be including any tomes that are part of a series, unless they can be read as stand-alone. Otherwise half my fantasy shelf will be on here.
  5. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    Received The Word for World is Forest by Ursula le Guin from the lovely Laura and read it in two days. A fantastic short novel written in the backdrop of the Vietnam War with the anti-war message unashamedly clear. This was actually my first le Guin novel despite owning a few others, I didn't realise it was part of her larger 'Hainish Cycle' which I will go on to read more of now Thanks Laura!
  6. Discovering Graphic Novels

    Just finished the first collected edition of The Sword by the Luna Brothers and really enjoyed it. Brilliant artwork and great story line. I will certainly be buying the 3 remaining books.
  7. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    Yeah it was very good. I'm not even sure how you could go about writing an accurate blurb for it! I did see the film a couple of years ago but quickly realised the book is a very different entity.
  8. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    Don't forget about Antman!
  9. Discovering Graphic Novels

    Want to know what a Neil Gaiman story about Marvel characters in the Elizbethian period would look like?
  10. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    I haven't read any other Faber, would you recommend it? Firefight wasn't as good but I still enjoyed it, I just hope the series has a satisfactory conclusion, it might be the first of his own series he has properly finished
  11. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    Thanks! Been busy in my 'sort of' new job and also went to Amsterdam for 3 nights! The Dunk and Egg tales were enjoyable but not to the same level as the normal books. I felt the same about Small Gods, there was only so many times he can say "I'm a god... but I'm also a tortoise" and it be funny. Under the Skin is very weird but much better than and nothing like the film. The good writing was compelling but the focus on her breasts did get a bit tedious.
  12. Discovering Graphic Novels

    Yeah I am restricting mine as much as possible. Library if possible, or eBay if your patient. Amazon is always cheaper than a bookstore unless you can find an offer.
  13. Your Book Activity - December 2015

    I hated it in School as well! No desire to give it a second chance though Read over 100 books this year!
  14. Discovering Graphic Novels

    Image are putting out some amazing graphic novels at the moment but it is very expensive keeping up with them! My favourites in general are: Saga Y: The Last Man Preacher Outcast Alex and Ada Peter Panzerfaust Locke and Key Rat Queens Anything by Craig Thompson Pretty much anything my Mark Millar. Ones I really want to check out: The Walking Dead Invinsible Ex Machina Revival Daytripper Birthright Autumnlands Low Descender Fight Club 2 have a look at the B&N SF/F blog, it's American but they do have some great recommendations and tonnes of different articles for all types of GN readers.
  15. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    Finished a few books lately: Shadows of Self - Brandon Sanderson - 8/10 Small Gods - Terry Pratchett - 7/10 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms - George R.R. Martin - 9/10 The Golem and the Djinni - Helene Wecker - 8/10 Under the Skin - Micheal Faber - 9/10 Which has taken my total for the year to over 100 for the first time ever!
  16. Steve's Bookshelf 2015

    Yay you finally started Sharpe! Glad you liked it! I really enjoyed the first 3 set in India and the Copenhagen one. Be interesting to see how you think Sharpe's Trafalgar measures up to the O'Brian books.
  17. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    Finished Only to Die Again by Patrick Lee, the follow-up novel to the brilliant Runner last year. Really enjoyed it again, there were times when I was glued to the page for hours, always a good sign. Didn't enjoy it quite as much as Runner though, I found it didn't really leave me quite as breathless, I also think the technology/SF element of it wasn't used to it's full potential, I was expecting something to shock and amaze me in a 'I never thought of that!' sort of way but it didn't. There was a few times when I was ahead of the characters in understanding the implications of events. Still though, a fantastic read! Overall 9/10
  18. Willoyd's Reading 2015

    Shame you didn't like it, I have it on my TBR pile as I thought it would be something different. There is certainly a right time and wrong time for gloomy, depressing books.
  19. Marvel Universe

    I can't watch the video at work but I assume it's the Jessica Jones trailer, looks awesome doesn't it. Really didn't think much of the comics though, poor art and boring story lines. You'll have to watch Daredevil as well, it's brilliant.
  20. The Last Film You Saw - 2015

    The Land Before Time. Such a good film! More traumatic then I remember from my childhood though.
  21. Your Book Activity - November 2015

    Yeah that was pretty dire. I have The Anubis Gates, Last Call and Declare by Powers still to read. Certainly heard good things about TAG Is it hard work then? Im whizzing through Only to Die Again by Patrick Lee, making slow progress through The Golem and the Djinni and A Tale of Two Cities. Been too tired and busy to read a lot lately
  22. Your Book Activity - November 2015

    Just finished On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers. A bizarre but fun piratical fantasy. Also finished Pyramids by Terry Pratchett which was up to his usual standard.
  23. Steve's Bookshelf 2015

    It's strange... they look like normal people! Looks like you had a great time
  24. Tim's Tremendous Tomes

    Doesn't surprise me, I was reluctant at first with such a long series planned, but luckily the first at least is stand-alone ion terms of the story.
  25. Stephen King

    Opinions vary, I personally didn't mind the ending. I didn't find it very satisfying but then again I couldn't think of an ending that would have satisfied me. Song of Susannah is by far the worst book of the series so if you like that you should like the final book. I thought the whole series went very downhill after the 4th book and by the end I just didn't really care. But if you're still enjoying it then that's great.