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  1. Read-a-thon 2019

    So far I've read: Friday: 'I Let you Go' by Claire Mackintosh 64 pages Saturday: 'I Let you Go' by Claire Mackintosh 64 pages Sunday: 'I Let You Go' by Claire Mackintosh 88 pages Finished and it is such a good book! Now, I'm about to start reading 'Never Say Spy' by Diane Henders Edit> I read 54 pages of 'Never Say Spy' by Diane Henders yesterday, so in total, I read 270 pages over the weekend. Not the highest page count for a read-a-athon, but I was busy with friends and other stuff. I still really enjoyed the reading though!
  2. Read-a-thon 2019

    Yes! I would like to join in!
  3. I've just finished reading 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' by Steig Larsson. I thought it was a good end to the trilogy, if a little long winded at times. Now, I'm about to read 'I Let You Go' by Claire Mackintosh, which was given to me as a present from a friend.
  4. Hi! It's been a whole since I did an update on this page. I'm still ploughing through 'The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest' by Steig Larsson and really enjoying it. I've decided to start posting on my book blog again. Today, I've posted a 'My Good Reading Habits' Tag. If anyone wants to read it, go to: https://theavidbookreviewer.blogspot.com/2019/03/my-good-reading-habits-tag.html
  5. My Rating System: ***** Loved it. Would Recommend. **** Liked it *** It was ok, but had some faults ** Didn't like it * Hated it
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    to the board! Your English is very good!
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  9. I hope so too! It's annoying when you invest time in a series and the ending is rubbish!
  10. 'The Twelve' by Justin Cronin This book is the second in a trilogy and, because I really enjoyed the first book, I was excited to read this installment. The first 200 pages of this book were just as gripping as the first one. I liked how we got a different perspective of the events in the original book and the characters were believable. There was a long of action and kept me on the edge of my seat. However, after 200 pages, the thread of this story stopped abruptly. I also didn't like how some of the characters were cast off, in an almost absentminded way. I also think that in the main part of the story, there were a few too many characters to keep track off. That was something I had a problem with, in the first book. I did enjoy how the story and tension grew throughout the book. A lot of the time I was wondering how all of the threads of story were going to either fit together, or have relevance to the original story. I was happy that they did in the end. The later quarter of the book, was the best for me. It contained the right amount of tension, action and supernatural elements, which I enjoyed in the first installment. The majority of this book didn't exactly move the story forward and there were a few things wrong with this. However, I still enjoyed it and intend to read the next book. My Rating ***
  11. Your Book Activity - March 2019

    I finished reading 'The Twelve' by Justin Cronin a couple of days ago and now, I'm about 150 pages into 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest', by Stieg Larsson. I'm really enjoying it so far.
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  14. That's why I don't look at any Book Prizes, because I want to make my own mind up whether I want to read a book, rather than because it has won awards.
  15. Hi, I was probably generalizing when I said that statement in the spoiler, but what I was basically saying was that I felt like Eleanor was put into situations that made her an element of being made fun of which I didn't feel comfortable with. Sorry if I offended you! Actually when you say that because a book is over hyped, I expect to like it, well actually, I'm the opposite. Like films that are nominated for Oscars, I very rarely like them for some reason. That's why I deliberately waited for the hype to die down on this book, before reading it. Does any one else do this?
  16. Read-a-thon 2019

    Moving the read-athon to April 12th is fine with me!
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  18. I try to leave a little bit of time before reading a hyped book, simply because I don't want to be influenced by a book's popularity. I don't tend to read that many recent books anyway, as I get a lot from my local charity shop!
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  20. A lot of people have read this loved this book, but I can't seen the appeal myself. However, that doesn't mean that you won't enjoy it if you read it. I look forward to hearing what you think of it
  21. I-d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this book, maybe i'm missing something.
  22. I may have changed my mind, if I had continued reading on, but I this book just made me feel uncomfortable reading it.