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  1. I think the ended reflected the sort of people that they were.
  2. It wasn't for me unfortunately. Thank you!
  3. Thank you! I've had a nice day
  4. I was given this as a Christmas present, because my friend knows that I like quirky books. ‘The Lost Thing’ is a book aimed at predominately 6-11 year olds, but, after reading this, I felt like this book would be suitable for anyone, as the message of book is a very important one. The writing style of this book was humorous and intelligent. It didn’t talk down to its readers and I loved the way this book played with words. I loved the flow of the story too, I wanted to know what was going to happen. One of the most striking things about this book, were the illustrations. I loved the industrial look of the illustrations and the little hidden details within each picture, which keep you looking at them for a long time. The message of this story was very poignant, particularly in society today. At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what the overall message of the story was, to be honest, but then I could apply many things to this story, individuality, selfishness and the fear of the ‘other’. So I think that this story is diverse in its message. Not only was ‘The Lost Thing’ a fun book to read, but it was also very thought provoking. I’d recommend this, to both children and adults. My Rating: *****
  5. Read-a-thon 2020

    Wow, the month has gone so quickly! I'll be taking part in the read-a-thon as much as I can. I'm not sure what I will be reading. It's my birthday next Wednesday, so I suspect that I might be receiving a few new books! So we will see
  6. I'm glad i'm not the only one who had problems with this book. I didn't guess the ending, because it seemed so silly,
  7. Thank you! Me too!
  8. 'The Couple Next Door'- Shari Lapena I read another of Shari Lapena’s novels, ‘An Unwanted Guest’ last year and had very mixed feelings about it. However, I’m all for giving authors at least two novels, before I make a final decision on their writing. So I gave ‘The Couple Next Door’ a try. Unfortunately, I found the exact same problems with this book, as I had with ‘An Unwanted Guest’. The premise of this novel sounded good and at first, it intrigued me. It built up a lot of suspense and I wanted to know what was going to happen. However I felt that, because Shari Lapena wrote the story in almost all narrative and did not have much speech, I felt detached from the story, rather than drawn into it. I also found that the writing was rather clumsy and uninspiring. I also had a problem with the plot too. The story started off in a strong way and I wanted to know what was going to happen, but everything slowly unraveled and the story became almost implausible. Then, the end, for me, was sloppy and ridiculous. One of the problems with Shari Lapena’s novels, in my opinion, is that they haven’t been thought through properly. If the writer had had a tighter plot worked out, then this could have been a stronger, more successful read. However, ‘The Couple Next Door’ wasn’t a book for me unfortunately. My Rating: **
  9. Just finished 'The Fake Date' by Shari Lapena. The writing was a bit all over the place, but generally it was an intriguing thriller. Now I'm doing a buddy read of 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott, which is one of my all time favourite books. I just hope that friend enjoys this book as much as I do!
  10. Read-a-thon 2020

    I think that is the most I have read in a read-a-thon! Not that that's the reason I do the read-a-thon. It's a good excuse to read all weekend!
  11. Word Association

  12. Thank you! I'm going to try and keep up with the book reviews on this thread this year. Happy New Year to you too!
  13. Read-a-thon 2020

    I usually give a book 100 pages before DNF ing it, but I couldn't stand the characters in 'Brideshead Revisited' !
  14. Read-a-thon 2020

    Overall, I managed to read the following during this weekend's read-a-thon: 'Brideshead Revisited' by Evelyn Waugh 26 pages (before I DNF'd this book) 'The Couple Next Door' by Sahri Lapena 344 pages (Finished) 'The Fake Date' by Lynda Stacey 58 pages Total Pages Read: 428 Looking forward to the next read-a-thon already!