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  1. What's up in May?

    Morning all, I've been away for a while, but trying to find my way back now again on this forum...
  2. Been away for a while. Back now!

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    2. MysteryRose


      Athena: nice to meet you!

      Chrissy: lol and thanks. I've been busy writing a book!


    3. frankie


      Chrissy, haha :D

      MysteryRose, good to have you back! :)

    4. MysteryRose
  3. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    I've done my 40 minute work-out this morning, followed by a 25 minute run/walk! *proud*
  4. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    How are you all doing? I've done my 4 work-outs + had my first run in... 4 months I believe. My toe is getting better so I wanted to give it a try. I started very easy though. Of the 20 minutes I probably run 10. I ran with my son (6 yo) so I kept his pace too. I'll mesure myself tomorrow or Monday... Fingers crossed!
  5. Really really really really looking forward to my holiday in London!!!!

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    2. Roland Butter

      Roland Butter

      And London is really looking forward to seeing you :) Have a great time in the world's greatest city!

    3. MysteryRose


      Thanks poppyshake! I'm sure I will :-)

    4. MysteryRose


      Aww, that's a nice thing to say, Roland Butter! And I agree with you, London is fabulous!!!!

  6. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Good for you! Thanks! And did you start again? Good! Great! I am feeling stronger now too and can do more challenging things now. I think I've lost last week 1 kilo. Not much, but I see it in my clothes, so that's a good thing. I've done ok with eating in the weekend too and I am sticking to my 4 work-outs a week.
  7. Travel topic

    A few months away? Is that possible with your child going to school? I don't think it is difficult to travel with a young family. Well, it depends on what you really mean by travel, but you can go away with kids, I think. India sounds great!
  8. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Be careful with your knee! You don't want to end up with permanent damage. You are running right? You do the proper warm-up and all that? Maybe the muscles of your knee are not strong enough yet for the running you do? Enjoy the Midsummer Eve!
  9. Struggeling with one of the protagonists of the book I am (trying) to write...

  10. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    I've done reasonably well. Although I seem not to have lost weight last week, I think this week it will continue to drop. I've definitely lost some centimeters on the right places! Yay! I've finished 4 work-outs (1x 30 minutes, 3x 40 minutes) this week and I am proud of myself. It wasn't always easy though... How have you all been doing recently? Sticking to it?
  11. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Good for you! That must be feeling great!
  12. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Oh, the joys of new shoes! Yes, I did enjoy the snickers and will go back to my routines. I completed 4 work-outs this week, and will do some sit-ups during the weekend.
  13. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    I just ate a snickers. How bad from a scale of 9 - 10 is that?
  14. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Thanks Frankie! And go for that jog! ;-) I've done work-out number 3 this morning and I will go for another round tomorrow. That makes 4 workouts for this week. I've also measured myself and will do so again next week.
  15. Don't worry about it! I got it and I've felt the same sometimes. I've enjoyed "I heart New York" especially the second half of the book. It got more 'body' there I think. My next one "I heart Hollywood" is waiting now and I am looking forward to reading it.