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  1. Oh dear, I might have too much choice now! Thanks again everyone!
  2. The Book With No Name!

    Yep, Hutson (I believe). I haven't read anything by him myself though.
  3. Friends Like These by Danny Wallace

    When I grow up, I want to be like Danny Wallace! Because here is a man who has carved out a career for himself still doing all the things you might drunkenly discuss and laugh about whilst in the pub, but would then never actually do when you came to your senses the morning after. But take a look at Danny Wallace’s back-catalogue of books and you see that not only is he the man that still carries out these immature boy tasks, but he has wrote a whole bunch of books on them. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, he is the Yes Man after all... But that is another book! Today I am here to review Friends Like These. This was my first Danny Wallace book, and therefore the one that got me hooked on this brilliant genius! Something hit a chord with me when I read the synopsis for this book, because long before the days of Facebook, I too often wondered what those tiny people who I used to share a classroom with were up to these days. Granted they probably weren’t tiny anymore, but surely something else must have happened to them apart from growth! And that is the concept of Danny’s book. He finds an address book with the names of his childhood friends from yesteryear. And then comes the idea – the classic Wallace idea! Why don’t I try to track these guys down?! Of course, it is the sort of nonsense that any normal run-of-the-mill-nine-to-five-guy can only daydream about, but Danny has a bit of time on his hands so he goes on the hunt. And it is a hunt that takes him from London to Berlin, Tokyo, Australia, and California! Quite an epic journey you might say. Once Facebook did explode on to our laptops (steady!), I actually picked out eight friends myself from Primary School. My journey would have taken me to Tooting. Luckily Danny’s journey is a bit more exotic and fun-packed than that, and although you find yourself wondering where this is all going to end up, you do get lost and caught up in it all as Danny’s friends turn out to be rappers and ninjas, time-travelling pioneers, mediocre restaurant managers, and even Fijian royalty! Perhaps not Danny’s best book, but when you have written some of the gems that this man has, that probably isn’t very surprising. But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can safely say I would recommend this to anyone – no matter what your taste – if you are just up for some good old fashioned reading fun! 4/5 Stars
  4. The Book With No Name!

    Not as far as I'm aware. I have Googled it a few times and read interviews with the 'author' and the way he answers this question always makes me wonder if he/she is an established/mainstream author. Then again, it could have just been a very clever marketing tactic! Just did another quick Google search - rumour is it a British horror author called Shaun Hutson
  5. Amazon...what do you make of this?

    I also read about this in the Evening Standard... http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/london-life/facebook-amazon-google-starbucks-you-owe-us-900000000-8312300.html My view is that it is one of those stories than angers the everyday man on the street, but if there are loopholes then people will take advantage and I guess you can't really blame them. It is also difficult when these stories attack a 'faceless' corporation. You could get angry with Jimmy Carr because he was an individual.
  6. The Book With No Name!

    Sure, no probs. There are another three in the series. All pretty much follow the same pattern as the first, but if you like the first book you'll probably like them all (although the Devils Graveyard is a bit random!).
  7. First person / Third person

    I'm one of those in the non-preference camp, although I do agree that if the author writes in the first person they need to get it spot on. If the reader doesn't like the character in a first person novel then you obviously have a problem! @lovesreading06 - first person is when the wole story is told from one characters perspective. With third person, the writer is telling the story as if they are watching on themselves, so it gives them flexibility to tell the story from all the characters perspectives. You also have second person which is when the writer makes 'you' the main character. I think that is correct anyway! Ooops! I didn't realise this had gone over two pages and someone had already answered lovesreading06's question! Schoolboy error!!!
  8. The Kindest Thing by Cath Staincliffe

    Thanks for the review Star! Sounds like a great read, and a really topical subject at the moment! I'll have to check this one out.
  9. Good football books to read

    I find the 'old school' football biographies are the best. I read Graeme Sharps book recenty and that was a decent read, but perhaps I'm a wee bit biased being an Everton fan. I also read Gazza's book, and although I enjoyed it, I did find myself getting angry because it reminds you of what a wasted talent he is. Fever Pitch - as you know - is a great book, and I'm told the Damned United is also a really good read but I am yet to get round to that one.
  10. My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle

    Yeah, I do agree with you about the transition from lad lit to chick lit. Have you read Hen/Stag weekend? I've heard good things about it but haven't got round to reading it yet.
  11. I never would have found Mike Gayle had it not been for my flatmate insisting I read one of his books. I have to admit I wasn't too sure at first. The blurb read a bit too much like chick lit novel for my liking. I'm a man, and I like manly things dammit! Luckily I got past my silly male ego and embraced my metrosexuality, and a good few years later and I'm one of Mike Gayle's biggest fans. My Legendary Girlfriend was Gayle's first novel, having spent time as a journalist and features writer. This book was a huge success as Gayle followed in the footsteps of fellow lad lit author Nick Hornby to write a book about relationships from a male perspective with very high praise indeed. English teacher Will Kelly is single and pretty miserable to be honest! Set over one weekend, Will spends most of his time pining over his ex-girlfriend, Aggi, who cheated on him with his best pal. Then Kate enters Will's life in a series of phone calls which start to make Will feel like he has found someone to help him get over his ex. Dubbed a male version of Bridget Jones Diary, Mike Gayle's first book isn't too bad. And I say that having read a number of his books since, and knowing how good some of his later novels are. I enjoyed the book when I read it, but I did struggle to relate to the main character at times. Sometimes I wanted to grab him, give him a slap, and tell him to snap out of it! But Gayle writes in a way that makes you want to keep reading to see what happens, regardless of whether you like Will or not. And it has to be said that the ending has a nice twist. This is not my favourite Mike Gayle book, but it holds a special place for me as this was my first real introduction to lad lit, and in a way, this was probably one of the biggest influences on me to pursue the idea of writing The Drought. All in all, I would say that My Legendary Girlfriend is a decent read, but if you don't like or fancy this book, make sure you check out other books by Mike Gayle because you won;t be disappointed! 3/5 stars http://stevenscaffardi.blogspot.co.uk/
  12. Thanks guys, sounds like Jojo Moyes could be a winner! PS - Has she read the Twilight saga? Not only has she read it but insists on telling me about it all the time!!
  13. So with Christmas just around the corner (eeek!), I am planning my Christmas shopping and each year I normally get my wife a new chick-lit book as a stocking filler. She is a big fan of Sophie Kinsella and Louise Bagshawe, but I wondered if you guys could recommend any other authors, or even a new book my Kinsella or Bagshawe? Thanks in advance!
  14. Who is (or are) your favorite writer?

    I would say Mike Gayle, but that is probably he writes from a guys point of view so I find it easier to relate to. My wife on the other hand loves Sophie Kinsella and Louise Bagshawe, which always makes the stocking fillers at Christmas easy, although I do struggle to keep up with which ones she has! Being a man, I normally get it wrong!
  15. Bridget Jones III on the Way

    Well that will keep my wife busy for a few days then!