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  1. "I am that I am"

    No, Michelle...sometimes sentences just pop up in my mind, but I cannot remember the origin... For instance, in this case I was listening the song "I am what I am" and I remember that I knew also the other sentence. So, I thought I might have read it in some books. Thus, I asked the help of the forum. Is it a problem?
  2. Dear All, what do you know about this "I am that I am". From which book does it come from?? Thanks Claudia
  3. I cannot understand what is this dust... could you help me pls to understand it? Cec
  4. I thought something more deep. Anyhow at the end I found it: Panama by McGuane
  5. Thanks. I think so too. but I do not get the meaning of the sentence...
  6. Dear All, Who wrote this sentence: "They have made a lot of hats there. And there is a canal."? Should be a book about Panama. I cannot find it ....Please help me!!! Thanks you