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  1. Novel top 3: Agatha Christie

    1 And then there were none 2 Murder on the Orient Express 3 Why didn't they ask Evans?
  2. Your Book Activity - June 2017

    I am reading a book from the Grab n Go Eurocrime from the Library the oil in Reading is Third Voice by Cilla and Rolf Borjlind set in Sweden
  3. Hey Dawn. I hope life is treating you well. Happy Birthday. : )

  4. Happy Birthday Dawn! Have a lovely day. : )

  5. Hello Dawn, it's been a very long time. I wondered how you were? I hope all is good with you and your family. X

  6. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 18

    I am currently reading on Kindle City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin and I capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, don't usually read 2 books together, but I like to have a kindle book on the go these days
  7. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 18

    Yesterday I started reading Garden of Darkness by Anne Frasier although it was classified as a thriller, I found it just too gruesome, I didn't relate to the characters or the dark setting, so I ended up giving up, this morning I started reading City of Shadows by Ariana Franklin, so far not outstanding but ok, so will see how it goes.
  8. I have read them all, and have enjoyed them, I love the characters but do not find the storylines themselves as strong as Poirot or Miss Marple
  9. Dawn's Reading Log 2012

    See No Evil by Allison Brennan From Goodreads - A cunning killer hides in plain sight. A troubled teenage girl has been charged with the grisly murder of her stepfather. The evidence is damning: Emily was found alone at the scene with blood on her hands, and an incriminating e-mail she wrote outlines a murder plot identical to the method of the brutal slaying. But deputy district attorney Julia Chandler believes her niece is innocent, and she’s determined to keep the promise she made to protect her dead brother’s daughter–even if it means hiring private eye Connor Kincaid . . . the man who blames her for forcing his resignation from the police department. Together Julia and Connor uncover a chain of unsolved violent crimes tied to an unorthodox therapist whose anonymous online patients purge their anger by posting lethal fantasies. But someone in the group has turned vigilante, turning the game of virtual murder into a flesh-and-blood vendetta. After evil is seen, face your ultimate fear
  10. Dawn's Reading Log 2012

    Speak No Evil by Allison Brennan No Evil Book 1 I loved this book from an author I didn't know, great Characterision, great story From Goodreads - Silence is deadly.
  11. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 18

    I . finished Level 26 by Anthony E Zuiker, this is written by Creator and Executive Producer of CSI, a very dark book but very good when the chase starts. I have just started Speak no Evil by Allison Brennan
  12. Dawn's Reading Log 2012

    Level 26 by Anthony E Zuiker Anthony E Zuiker is the creater and executive producer of CSI. After a shaky start when I thought this was too dark, however, once the chase began it improved, a fantastic read.
  13. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 18

    Today I finished Don't Look Back by Andrew Gross, thoroughly enjoyed it but not as good as Ty Hauck #1, I am about to start Level 26 - Dark Origins by Anthony E Zuiker
  14. Dawn's Reading Log 2012

    Don't Look Twice by Andrew Gross A great story, thoroughly enjoyed it. From Goodreads - Detective Ty Hauck is caught in a deadly maze of cover-up and corruption in this new thriller from the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "The Dark Tide."
  15. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 18

    Last night I finishes The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross, which was a great read and today I started the 2nd book in the series Don't Look Twice by Andrew Gross which I so far am enjoying. I am afraid I am not very good at reviews just the odd phrase, line, sentence, every minute I take writing detracts from my reading time, sorry.