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  1. Hello People :)

    Welcome to the forum. You seem like a busy reader . I hope you have a great time here. I've loved it so far. I think its definitely made me read more and I'm getting quite a list of books I need to buy!
  2. Summer is officially over. I'm wearing socks. (and I have a cold...pass the chicken soup!)

    1. Books do furnish a room

      Books do furnish a room

      You can't beat chicken soup for a cold!!

  3. I wouldn't say I was told to read Jane Eyre more talked into it by an old friend. Its just not something I'd ever wanted to read. Anyway I really went at it wanting to hate it but alas no! I loved it and it had me openly crying on a train... As for school I remember thinking its as if they had purposefully gone for the most boring dire book ever and got 30ish copies to torture us with. Or maybe its just the atmosphere of it. We read a Sylvia Plath short story at school I remember hating where as later she became a favourite author. I have my sister, friends and the Manics(!) to thank much more than any teacher or school for my love of literature and poetry. Sad isn't it? Oh I think it's much worse when you've been wanting to read something thinking it will be brilliant for it to be awful and disappointing.
  4. New Girl.

    Welcome! I joined for similar reasons. No one I know really reads at all let alone the books I like . Its great here though everyone is really friendly and helpful.
  5. Howdy From Steven Preece

    Hi! Great introduction. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Boy its turned cold. Brrr!

    1. poppyshake


      It has hasn't it, I'm digging my woollies out.

    2. baby.giraffe


      It makes me wish the fire in the lounge was actually connected to something! I think I'll be going the same. Here's to wearing a scarf indoors! Its a good thing they are the only thing I can actually knit. =)

  7. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I watched Four Lions last night. Mainly because Guy Garvey's little brother is in it. It was pretty good.
  8. Wow I've really hurt my knee.

  9. Why am I watching a terrible film?

    1. Weave
    2. baby.giraffe


      It was Beverly Hills Cop 3. Really not up to the standard of the 1st! Giggle! =)

  10. New Member

    Hello, I'm pretty new myself. I hope you have a good time here!
  11. Loves the new Elbow album. Been listening to it all night =)

  12. Thanks so much for all the recommendations everyone. That's really helped narrow it down for me. I think I'm going to pick up a few second hand copies and get started! I'll let you know what I think. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. I've been inspired tonight but I don't know where to start! Obviously I must have seen a hundred adaptations but I've never read a single one of her books. (Though I did name one of my Blythe dolls after her! ) Ideally I'm not looking for anything Poirot, simply because I think I'll know them too well. I'm leaning towards A Caribbean Mystery but again thats based solely on the fact I like the tv versions. I'd love some recommendations that would be completely new to me. Thanks for your help.
  14. Waterstones ditches three for two's

    I kind of went off Waterstones when they sacked my sister! Having her work in a local one was cool too because I could get 20% of everything and if she was on the info desk I could ask all those questions I'd be too embarrassed to ask normally. I much prefer second hand bookshops, independent ones or charity shops though. Yes maybe not the choice but you get some great things! I love my 70s copy of Wilkie Collins The Woman In White!
  15. Introducing Gareth in Sheffield

    I was going to Barnsley! My first time. I sprinted through and in about 5 minutes I was on another train. Quite stressful!