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  1. Have a look at the Amber series by the late great Roger Zelazny. The first in the series of five is "Nine Princes in Amber"
  2. Hi, I'm Myrrhelyn and new to this site. I'm interested in most genres, particularly SF and fantasy. My favourite books include 'Time travellers wife', 'Shadow of the wind' and the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. Anyone out there with similar likes?

  3. Blackout / All Clear - Connie Willis

    Have you read Connie Willis' "The Doomsday Book"? That is totally unputdownable. A history student in the 22nd Century uses the new technology of timetravel to research the period she is studying. There is a slight time malfunction and the girl ends up 30 years or so later than planned - 1347, the year of the Black Death. Due to the malfunction, her people back in the 21st century cannot bring her back. She, of course, knows what is going to happen, and knows that she cannot catch the plague(she has been innoculated against just about everything before she left her own time). It is very well written, and will remain with the reader long after the back cover is closed.
  4. I'm looking for a SF short story collection in which one of the stories was an amusing take on the time-machine scenario. It featured a commercially run time-machine francaise that took travellers from the future to the present on sight-seeing trips. I think it was called "Mr ....'s marvellous tours" or something similar. It was published sometime in the 70s or 80s, I think. Anyone any ideas?
  5. Hi, Seraj I've just joined this forum too. Looks good, doesn't it? The series you are looking for is the 'Wind Singer' trilogy by William Nicholson (best to check te spelling of the surname, though) the second in the series is 'The Slaves of the Mastery' but I can't remember the title of the final volume at the moment. Good books aren't they? Good luck with your search - they're readily available in bookshops and online.