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  1. No, I haven't. I'll add it on my list, thanks
  2. Young authors vs. older

    That makes alot of sence! Thank you for your reply I think you're quite right, this is all very interesting I think we could analize this for ages if we want to!
  3. Kiki's delivery service is on my wishlist, I haven't seen it yet. I asked my brother for it for last christmas but I think it was out because he bought me The Castle of Cagliostro which I haven't watched completely yet (not really my stile but maybe I'll give it another chance)... It has become a tradition that he buys me some anime for christmas I haven't watched Ponyo either but I think I'll love it
  4. Wow, I didn't even know there was a book! ^^ Would love to read that! But my ultimate favorites are Totoro and Howl's, but Princesse Mononke and Spireted Away come next. I find them so beautiful but I usually don't watch them as often as the others because they are longer and the storyline is deeper. I tend to fall asleep when I watch them, even though I love them
  5. This will become my new motto! Weirdness is awesome
  6. Young authors vs. older

    He's almost 30, I think 29 this November. But you're right, if he has a good story I think it's a shame if he doesn't publish it because of some age-complex. When I think about it I could believe this is just one of his excuse for not doing something that he should. My post just got a level deeper! I didn't think this would be the result. Maybe I'll talk to him when I get home.
  7. Yeah, you're probably right. I just thougt it would be weird to get so invested in things that aren't for real. I just feel like a big kid
  8. Young authors vs. older

    You have a point there. Yes, I totally agree with you. The world is not just black or white and of course you can't sort authors into two categories by age. I think it's an interesting view though.
  9. I haven't come very far reading from the fantasy gerne, but for some reason I really like cartoons and some fantasy movies. I used to read alot of manga when I was younger too and watched some anime and I enjoy alot of Studio Ghibli movies to this day. And by cartoons I don't mean Family Guy or The Simpsons. More like charming and adventurous shows that don't deal with issues of the real world. Some examples are like My Neighbour Totoro (Totoro is the one in my avatar), Howl's Moving Castle, Futurama and my newest addiction is Foster's House of Imaginary Friends. I also LOVED the movie Avatar, not for it's storyline but for the magnificent world that was created (and in 3D to make it even more real!). When I first saw Totoro I fell so much in love with him I wanted one of my own. I wish that the world in Howl's Moving Castle existed and we could visit the fictional univers of Avatar (Pandora). And now I want my very own imaginary friend! Is there somebody out there who is familiar to these kind of feelings? I feel like such a weirdo! P.S I've now started a group of people who want to play D&D and I'm hoping that when we begin to play, the creativity in the game will fulfill some of my longings for a real life fantasy! P.S2 I can't seem to figure out how the search on this page works, at leas I can't find anything I search for, so I have no idea if a simular topic has been made before. If so, I'm sorry
  10. I had some interesting conversations with my brother a while ago. He writes, but when I asked him why he wouln't publish anything he said because older authors (as in age) somehow just make better books and write deeper, more interesting characters than young authors. He compared that with the phrase "you get it when you get older". When it's said to you you think it doesen't make any sence, but when you get older, you just get it. I thought about it and a few months ago I read a book like that. It was by a new upcoming author but I always felt like the descriptions of the characthers were too superficial, like the author just couldn't reach below the surface. Anyway, I just thought you might have some thoughts on this?
  11. A question for men

    But if you would get a card from a male friend of yours, would you think of it as gay? Or feel weird about it? If you don't, then I think that is the point. You might find it weird to send someone a card, but if you would get one yourself you would just be happy about it.
  12. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I don't watch alot of movies but I recntly watched Mother and Child which was really good but I felt like there was something missing though, but the acting was astonishing! I'm also a Studio Ghibli fan and so I watched The Borrower Arrietty which I think is the lates film from them, absoloutly loved it! The artwork is amazing and the story is so charming and adventourous
  13. A question for men

    This may come as a shock (at least to some people), but I'm a feminist and I believe we need to take down those social boundaries we put on men and women and how they are supposed to be. There's more diffreces between people in general than between genders and we need to take down those myths and ideas we have in our heads that some things are "feminin' and some things are "manly" and what is "normal" or "ok". When people do that, living life how you want to will become so much easier. So tell your friend to buy a card for his Irish friend, if he is like every normal person he will really appreciate it and not think of it as gay or weird. I was actually watching some bullshit TV show last night where people (with no professional knowledge what so ever) were discussing if a males interest in his girlfriends chlothes (as in he likes to see her in some type of clothes) would make him gay. Things like that I find very stupid, superficial and annoying. The fact that you want to discuss your delimma on diffrent chat forums is not strange at all if we look at those messages that are pointed at us every day that tell us what is normal and expected for men and women to be.
  14. A Game of Thrones is really starting to get interesting... :) Wish I had more time to read!

  15. A question for men

    I agree with Kell on this one Couldn't phrase this better myself.