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  1. Emperor type books

    I didn't mention this in my original post because I forgot but, are any of these books based on real events? I may still get them if not but I mostly like books based on real events so I can act smart when it comes to roman discussion =)
  2. Emperor type books

    I've had a look at the books and the summary sound good. I think I may add it to my 'to get list' I saw a book that I think was by him called Gladiator I think? Its the one with the kid holding a galdius on the front. I imagined it to be a child's heroic story type book so I never looked into it. I like the look of the Under the Eagle book, I may have a look into that further. Thanks for both recommendations =) Please keep them coming. The more the merrier.
  3. I'm close to the end of reading the Emperor series by Conn Iggulden, I really enjoy things to do with Roman life style and war. Can anybody advise me of any books similar to the Emperor series please? Thanks in advance.