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  1. Jodi Picoult

    Why not give her Wonder Woman run a try. Its collected as Love and Murder: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wonder-Woman-Love-Murder-Picoult/dp/1845766407/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1313667010&sr=8-1
  2. A question for men

    Its perfectly ok to get another man a birthday or Christmas card. Although the 'man-code' usually dictates that this be of an abusive or comic type of birthday card, no real rules for Christmas cards though.
  3. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Danny Boyles - Sunshine. Some interesting visuals, good soundtrack but a bit ropey around the edges at times.
  4. Page discolouration

    Tippex is known elsewhere as Liquid Paper or Correction Fluid.
  5. Page discolouration

    Just need to keep the books in somewhere more environmentally stable is all, so out of direct sunlight (light bleaching and heat) and somewhere with low humidity (action of dissolved chemicals present in water vapour). So as previous posters have suggested move the books to a room or onto shelves out of these kinds of condition, or just whack up some curtains or blinds (or just keep them shut during what ever part of the day that sunlight is streaming straight into the room).
  6. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    The Goonies - Greatest "kids" film ever made. Fact.
  7. Your Favourite Stephen King Novels

    Only got one: Bag of Bones
  8. What Was The Last Music You Bought?

    Last CD I bought would have been Crystal Castles (II) - Crystal Castles. Last MP3's I got of Play was Iron by Woodkid -
  9. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Saw Transformers 3 at the cinema. Really enjoyed it, then again I liked Transformers as a kid and I love summer action movies that don't try to be anything that overly clever. 3d on it was also excellent, seems Michael Bay understands that 3d don't work if you wave the camera round like its on a piece of string. He slowed the action down so the frame rate wasn't an issue during complex 3d scenes. TV: Dinner for Schmucks - its pretty good in parts but you can see that its a translation as I don't think Hollywood ever quite gets farce the way in which its played out in europe. Seen quite a few recently on DVD, last of which was 40 Year Old Virgin again last night. Classic.
  10. Sherlock

    That's disappointing. Oh well you'll just have to go back and do some better sneaky stalking On a serious note, that is a bit disappointing, although its good to know at the least that production is in full swing
  11. What's the communities recommendations towards Chinese recipe/cookbooks that aren't written by the god that is Ken Hom? Just want to expand my overall knowledge in the hunt for the greatest rib recipes known to mankind
  12. Sherlock

    See anything good happening on set at all?
  13. Sherlock

    I love this series. Although I have to say that initially I was somewhat skeptical given the coincidental dual relaunch of Sherlock Holmes in the Cinema and (this version) on the TV. Love how Moffat and Gatiss are approaching it. The next series will again follow the structure of the first and be a series of almost TV movies rather than a traditional long run season. Its also worryingly cheap on Amazon at the moment I think, about £6 for the Blu-Ray.
  14. Amazon & HDNL?

    If its a HDNL package you can track it. All HDNL packages get tracking numbers so you can see exactly where it is up until delivery either in your amazon account or take the number and punch it straight into HDNL's site.
  15. Film challenge 30 Questions

    01 – Best film you saw last year - Inception 02 – A film that you’ve seen more than 3 times - Evil Dead 2 03 – Your favourite film series - Chris Nolan Batman Series 04 – Favourite film of your favourite series - Dark Knight 05 – A film that makes you happy - Dune 06 – A film that makes you sad - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 07 – Most underrated film - The Great Outdoors 08 – Most overrated film - Avatar (I refuse to see this movie....) 09 – A film you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving - Equilibrium 10 – Favourite classic film - Jaws 11 – A film you hated - The Black Dahlia 12 – A film you used to love but don’t anymore - Moonwalker 13 – Your favourite film maker - Clint Eastwood 14 – Favourite film of your favourite film maker - Gran Torino 15 – Favourite male character - Ash from Evil Dead 16 – Favourite female character - Ellen Ripley 17 – Favourite quote from your favourite film - Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him. 18 – A film that disappointed you - Black Dahlia 19 – Favourite film from a book - Watchmen 20 – Favourite romance film - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 21 – Favourite film from your childhood - Addams Family 22 – Favourite film you own - Jaws 23 – A film you wanted to watch for a long time but still haven’t - Citizen Kane 24 – A film that you wish more people would’ve seen - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 25 – A film character who you can relate to the most - Dr Ray Stanz 26 – A film that changed your opinion about something - Ghostbusters 27 – The most surprising plot twist or ending - Deep Blue Sea 28 – Favourite film title - Snakes on a Plane (its like ronseal quick drying woodstain and does exactly what it says on the tin ) 29 – A film everyone hated but you liked - Freddy got Fingered 30 – Your favourite film of all time - Jaws