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  1. Are Spiritual Books Changing The World?

    One of the books that is quite interesting in this field is Dianetics, the Scientology thing is based on it. Has anybody came across it?
  2. Has anyone read...?

    True, b ut the interesting part is that he isolates the body from the soul completely as if they are two different entities, as if there is a possibility that a body lives without a soul. I recommend you read it, I have my doubts, I wish he can do his experiments on me. Maybe I was a king or something in the ancient times
  3. Has anyone read...?

    It is, the author claims that he can talk to souls through what he calls regression sessions... He claims that our souls are as old as thousands of years and they live multiple lives to improve themselves in rank....
  4. Hi - your post about Journey of Souls has been moved to this thread: http://www.bookclubforum.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/8236-has-anyone-read/

  5. Quotes from Books

    John Steinbeck - East of Eden "And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good."
  6. I'm sure that you can find many people would love doing so with a little money.
  7. Mmm massage vs messenger, I will go for the massage, although the messenger is the owner of the massage, but I noticed that people are not consistent in their outputs, so the massage may differ for a writer from one book to the other, so one book of a certain maybe good while the other not. I tend to forget author names anyway
  8. Goodreads

    I'm on Goodreads too, it is a great place to share your books and reviews, it has huge DB of books not only English. My name is Ali Shams on Goodreads.
  9. Has anyone read...?

    I didn’t see any mentions for this book by Michael Newton here so I thought I can share it. Did anybody read it? What do you think, do you think that it is real? [Admin Edit: This has been merged - title of book was Journey of Souls]
  10. People in nature don’t like to be forced. But if you don’t force some people to read they become negligent, children in school is an example. Myself if I had to read a book then I tried to enjoy it as much as I possible.
  11. Are Spiritual Books Changing The World?

    I have read the Secret and the Alchemist, and would definitely look up for the other books you mentioned. The Secret triggered this question, what if two people want the same thing, would it go to the one that wants it more? Lottery for instance! When we desire what we want, are we desiring what we are supposed to have, or we are changing the events just to serve our wants?! Personally I think it is to help you more to realize what is your real goal at life and what you are supposed to have more than achieving your unlimited wants!!! Just an opinion… but certainly it gives you a new perspective in looking at life…. The Alchemist, I like the simplicity and the idea of omens which contradicts The law of Attraction in the Secret to some degree. But the question which I also raised on my recent book, if you believe in Omens then you believe in God, and if you believe in God you must also believe in Devil, but could some of these omens be the creation of devil then. But I like the simplicity in the way the story is told, and coming from the Middle East I loved the Egyptian part of it, and how Christians see Moslems as infidels and vice versa.
  12. Did you read Blink by Malcom Gladwell ... I loved it, specially the first pages, then it gets repetitive… it shows how our brains can process the data stored from our experiences faster than we think... It is all about snap judgment backed up by proper info in our brains...
  13. Thanks for the help... I was hesitant to put it, cause I didn't know whether it is ok or not, but thanks for the correction.

  14. Hi there. I've moved your post to the promotional area of the forum. please do take a moment to read our rules regarding promotion. Thanks.