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  1. Hi Alena, I'm guessing there was meant to be a picture here but we can't see it. Have you tried looking up the publisher? Sometimes there are small changes in a publishing company name over time and that lets you narrow down the dates. I love finding interesting old books in charity shops and David Copperfield is one my favourites, I hope you manage to find out more about it .
  2. We've had some discussions about winter reading in the past but I don't think we've ever had a thread about the other seasons! So, do you have any books that you like to read in autumn? Maybe spooky themes for Halloween? I think I might finally get round to reading The Woman in Black in October, as well as The Book Collector by Alice Thompson, as I think they're really the only books I own that could be considered horror. I'm really tempted to look for some kind of gothic short story collection too. I definitely don't need more books but it's still tempting...
  3. Oh no! I wonder what happened. It seems quite close to the planned release to change the date.
  4. Giveaways - Have Your Say

    I thought I'd just use this thread to let you all know that the very first seasonal giveaway will be happening on the second week of October. It's spooky and exciting and I can't wait to show you what it is
  5. Sometimes having to wait ages for a book makes it more exciting to read, at least
  6. Ah, that makes sense! I was wondering if it was someone's nickname
  7. I do like the Thursday Next books better than 'Early Riser', but Fforde does just have a brilliant imagination doesn't he? I hope the library get 'This Tender Land' in for you soon!
  8. Books in the rest of 2019

    It is pretty isn't it? I noticed that Waterstones has a mysterious clothbound version available too. It still says 'final cover to be revealed.' I've just realised that Laura Purcell's new book Bone China is out in a couple of days and that looks really good.
  9. I'm glad your last read was a bit of an improvement on the previous three . It has an intriguing title too!
  10. Have I introduced myself yet?

    Well it's nice that you came back to talk about books with us, even if it wasn't your main intention originally. I can change your name to LoneSoul if you want me to?
  11. Thanks for the replies! Reading through them, I've realised something - I actually feel differently about collections of short stories by the same author. I've never questioned, for example, if I should review all of the short stories from a Neil Gaiman collection separately. Like @Madeleine said, I'd just comment on which ones were my favourite. But when it's a mix of stories by different authors, it feels a bit more like you're reviewing the editor, and whether they made a good selection, not the writing quality... which is what I think felt a bit weird. I don't think it helps that some of the stories in my Penguin collection are quite substantial. Some, like The Heart of Darkness, could probably be considered novellas. So that makes it seem more odd not to talk about the individual story. It is tricky isn't it! I think I would have reviewed the first four Earthsea books together if I'd read them all at once.
  12. Hi Hayley - I don't visit The Book Club forum very often but a member has updated me and said that you have saved this valuable club. I'd just like to say thank you and I think it is good (if regrettable) that there are adverts on show now. I'm assuming that the more clicks on these adverts, the more The Book Club is supported. So I'll go and click on something and take a look at what the advertiser has to offer.

    1. Hayley


      Thank you Anna, that was a really nice message to get. I can't say my motives were completely unselfish - I would have been very sad to lose the forum and I'm really grateful to all the people who stuck around (you included!) and who really make the forum what it is. The ads are regrettable (especially when they start popping up in weird places instead of where they're meant to be!) but they are really helping. Thank you for wanting to help support the forum. You are right about how the ads work but I can't really comment more than that because of the AdSense rules.

      Do you know we have a patreon now? https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum . I can't take any credit for the page, I had a lot of help setting it up. But if you wanted to use that to support instead, you get entered into a seasonal prize draw :) (I can't wait to announce the Autumn one, I found such a good prize - if I do say so myself :D)

  13. Read-a-thon 2019

    11-12-13th works for me
  14. Scribd Audio, Disappearing Audiobooks

    That is strange. I’ve never used Scribd but I haven’t heard good things about it. It sounds like they might have been displaying books that weren’t actually available, which is why they stopped showing up once you signed up. They’re well known for making it difficult for members to unsubscribe too so make sure they don’t charge you at the end of your free subscription!
  15. Hello!

    Hi, welcome to the forum! What kind of books do you like?