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  1. Hello Fellow Readers!

    I like Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories too. I don’t think we have a thread for short story recommendations, maybe we should make one!
  2. New name, new me.

    Hi, I definitely remember you as dtrpath! I’m so sorry to hear about your injury but am really glad you’re recovering and finding your love of reading again. Welcome back
  3. Hello Fellow Readers!

    Hi, welcome to the forum Do you have any particular favourite books or authors?
  4. Guess what? I am Happy Pat :)

    Hi Pat, welcome to the forum . My day is going great so far, I’m sitting outside with a lovely coffee. How’s your day going? Do you have any favourite books?
  5. A Book blog, 2019 by Books do Furnish a Room

    Great review of The Silent Companions, the most informative I’ve seen! I’ve been trying to decide whether I should buy this for a while (after enjoying The Corset by the same author) and you’ve convinced me that I need to try it
  6. Chrissy's Reading 2019

    Also looking forward to hearing what you think! Oooh I also love a bit of urban fantasy and folklore, these sound interesting! I’ll have to add them to my wish list!
  7. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Indie crime publisher Fahrenheit is having a sale on ebooks, everything is 85p. You have to get them direct from their website rather than the kindle store: https://fahrenheit-press.myshopify.com/collections/kindle-ebooks and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. I decided to try Burke’s Last Witness by CJ Dunford and Iteration by Liz Monument
  8. Your favourite Dinner choice?

    Ooooh good tip Chrissy, I'm making a mental note of this
  9. Introverts & Extraverts

    I honestly didn't know ambivert was a word until I saw this! I'm definitely an introvert. In social situations I'd much rather just listen than feel I have to speak and if I've spent a lot of time with other people, even if it was really lovely to see them, I start to crave quiet time by myself. What does your book say about introverts @Athena?
  10. Thank you, that would be great if you don't mind! Interesting review of The Minority Report. I haven't read the book or seen the film, but I know roughly what the story is about because it's such a 'cult classic' type thing, and I imagined that it would be really good! I read The Odessa File years ago and really enjoyed it. It was one of those books that I literally couldn't read fast enough. I'm glad you liked it too! Treasure Island is a book I definitely want to try too. I had a version of it when I was younger that was mainly pictures and obviously the text wouldn't have been particularly close to the original, so it would be nice to read the 'real' one as an adult!
  11. Read-a-thon 2019

    I think 284 pages is great! Glad it helped you get through your library loans! I enjoyed the read-a-thon too, although I didn't end up reading loads (another 21 pages of The Tiger Warrior yesterday), it helped me get out of the reading slump I was in by making me decide on something to read! Looking forward to next month too
  12. Read-a-thon 2019

    It was really good! Completely different to what I expected but a great concept, very thought provoking. It was 26 pages long so that's two short stories and a bit of The Tiger Warrior for 58 pages in total so far (I feel like it's been more though, the print in the penguin book is very small!) Oh wow, it's even bigger than I thought it was! The Astounding Broccoli Boy sounds like it was probably pretty funny, I hope you enjoyed both books
  13. Digital Minimalism sounds interesting. I have mixed feelings about social media. It definitely has benefits for networking and keeping in touch with people you don't live near to, but it's also got a weirdly pressured side. I think it's even worse for younger generations too. Speaking to my niece makes me extremely glad social media wasn't a thing when I was at secondary school (apart from myspace but that was basically just decorate your own webpage ). Using social media does make me really appreciate this forum though. It's nice to have an online space full of genuinely nice people who share your interests - I feel like that's what social media should be, but instead it's too often competitive and judgemental. I'm adding The Distant Echo to my to-read list based on your review!
  14. Read-a-thon 2019

    That's really good! How many pages is IT in total? I've read 11 more pages of The Tiger Warrior and honestly nothing has happened apart from three characters having a conversation about history... most of it is repeated information (since we saw the historical period they're talking about in the first pages) and the voices are so similar I keep forgetting who's speaking. It's not looking good for this book!
  15. Read-a-thon 2019

    I did like At the End of the Passage, thank you . It's not my favourite short story, but it was interesting. The next story is The Country of the Blind by H.G Wells, which I'm looking forward to. That sounds like a good reading plan! I hope you've enjoyed all 4 books