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  1. Thank you! Actually, you're right! I don't have too many books, I have a perfectly respectable number of books but too little shelf space! I am particularly looking forward to The Essex Serpent. Sarah Perry's Melmoth was one of my favourite books last year and if it's even half as good as that I know I'll love it! Of Mice and Men is one I've had for a really long time. I'm always slightly put off picking it up because I know it's going to be really sad. I've only heard great things about The Name of the Rose and am fully expecting to love it. This year will have to be the one I read Ann Bronte in, as it's her 200th birthday year!
  2. I have that Earthsea collection too, I’ve just got the last one left to read but I’ve loved the first three. They really have something special about them don’t they? Looking forward to reading your review!
  3. Well I was going to read the Ian M. Banks books in order anyway (although I know you don’t need to) so Player of Games will be next! And now I’m much more excited about it! I haven’t read War of the Worlds (actually none of the books on my list are re-reads) but it’s one of those books I’ve wanted to read for ages and just never got round to (luckily I missed the tv series!). The same goes for all the H.G Wells books. Those were a present from my sister, so my huge list isn’t all my fault...
  4. I’ve read one (Consider Phlebas) so I’m looking forward to seeing what the others are like! Someone I know was given that whole set of books and they don’t read, so they asked if I wanted them, which is why I have so many! Have you read all of the ones on my list?
  5. Completely agree, I love them too! I’ve just got two short stories left in Tom Cox’s Help the Witch but I have no idea what I want to read next!
  6. Hayley's Reading 2019

    It did, that’s true
  7. Thanks! Ha ha! It should!!
  8. Just wanted to say hello.......

    Hi Kaz, welcome to the forum!
  9. Yes! He was a good unlikeable character. To be fair though, in the Railway Detective, murder is probably what’s happening in the erecting shed. Or the discovery of a body. Or a dramatic chase scene...
  10. Hayley's Reading 2019

    Me either and I suspected exactly the same people you did! I just thought
  11. Thank you! I haven’t really read any reviews of The Starless Sea so that’s good to hear!
  12. I bought two more books today because I had a £10 Waterstones voucher and no self control. So my first two 2020 book purchases were The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern and The House Without Windows by Barbara Newhall Follett. Both have really beautiful covers. This picture doesn't even do justice to The House Without Windows. The edges of all the butterfly wings are speckled with gold
  13. Shelving books

    Interesting article! I don't think I have a particular tribe either but I'm closest to organising 'by value'. I have two shelves that don't get any direct sunlight and that's where I keep my favourite, special edition books (it's also where I take a lot of the giveaway pictures because the light is quite good there, just in front of the four copies of Household Words I got for £10 on ebay!). I also keep my few signed books all together on a different shelf. Then I put the books I haven't read yet together and the books I've read and loved enough to keep together. Within that system though they're just on whatever shelf they fit on (although I do try to keep books by the same author together). Quite a lot of my unread books aren't even on a shelf at the moment though, I have them stacked on the floor because they don't fit anywhere. If there was a 'chaotic value' tribe, I might be part of that!
  14. I'm a bit scared to count mine but I'm fairly sure it's less than 80, so thanks @Raven, I feel better now
  15. Raven's Reads

    I'm already really good at that