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  1. You are right Chesilbeach the only thing with the UK is it just gets so muggy where as abroad it is dry heat. I will take that everytime.
  2. It is 32 here at the moment but from tomorrow it is going to get a bit colder they say. a nice 29 will do me.
  3. No wonder we all gets colds in this country there does not seem to be any middle ground. Over 30 deg here today. Sat with two fans on blasting at me and making not the slightest bit of difference. Was so lovely over the weekend was at the seaside which makes a big difference there is always a nice breeze.
  4. All packed ready for the off on Wednesday. Away for 6 days in the Blackpool area of Lancashire. Just as well driving there as taking that many clothes for the "just in case scenario". But whatever the weather will enjoy being out in the open air and going for long walks.
  5. Dull and windy
  6. So loved this version of Batman all that POW and BAM going on when they were in fights. Brilliant RIP Adam West
  7. I have ready 62 books this year so far. This has been a very good year for me so far.
  8. How to Find Love in a Bookshop - Veronica Henry - close to the end The Essex Serpent - Sarah Perry - just started A Cornish Stranger - Liz Fenwick - taking away with me when I go away for a few day this week. Cherringham books 19-21 - just finished book 19 - these are so easy to read
  9. Here we have three people all doing a different way of losing weight but finding that it works for us. Non of us are the same, we all having different lives and things that puts pressure on us. I do eat chocolate, biscuits and crisps but they are classed as my syns for the day and I don't exceed my weekly allowance. I eat very well but sometimes get fed up of eating but I know if I don't the weight will not come off, and that will have been a wasted week. Summer is nearly here and I already feel so much better for it.
  10. I have been sat here wondering what to have for tea tonight. I have got all the ingredients for a chicken curry so think I will go with that and wont take too long when I get in to do.
  11. Well it hasent rained so far today although it was forecast. Fingers crossed for the rest of the day.
  12. Finally caught up with Supergirl and Flash just need to watch Arrow for this season now. Have been watching season 3 of Crossing Lines has got Goran Visnjic from Timeless in it.
  13. Catching up on my doctor who episodes. Last night watched episode 5 about the space suits - what a load of rubbish.
  14. We also have wind and a lot of rain. It is so changeable at the moment.
  15. The Kite Runner - Khalid Hosseini