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  1. I bet that will be a good night Lau Lou Just booked to go and see Bananarama in November
  2. I had to think really hard before I decided to watch this new series, I am so glad that I did so enjoyed the first show, thought it had got back to how it should be for me. Don't know if her asking questions all the time is going to annoy me or not will have to see with time.
  3. We started on Boston Legal last night, wasent sure I was going to like it or not, but for the first episode we had a good laugh, so hope it continues. I have always liked William Shatner and I think James Spader is amazing, love him in Blacklist.
  4. The story had begun deep inside the Vatican, had leaked out into the city of Rome, and within days had whipped around the globe with the momentum of a biblical prophecy. The Woman of God - James Patterson
  5. What an amazing weekend we have just had, so hot, I love it when it is like that get so much more reading done, ok so chores don't get done but they will still be there the next day. Not too good on this Monday morning, dull, overcast and was trying to drizzle.
  6. Moved onto Woman of God by James Patterson been on the shelf for a while so thought I would give it a go. Not bad so far.
  7. ditto I will not buy a book if it looks damaged in any way and never the one at the front of the pile. I am the same with magazines, I don't buy the one from the front of the pile I always take one from further back.
  8. I don't mind passing my old books onto charity shops but I have to say I don't buy any from them. I go into the Works as you can get good bargains and they are new. I don't like going through books other people have read in case I find food dropped on the pages, grease stains etc. ugh
  9. We love this programme as well, what we class as easy entertainment. Watching Doctor Who, caught up with both episodes over the weekend, now why was it not as good as this from the start with Peter Capaldi. The new girl is fun.
  10. Oh I am way behind on these books need to buy from book 8. If you reach the camp before me i'll let you live the soldier said. Never Never - James Patterson
  11. Green Tea with lemon - I would prefer a gin and tonic but I cant have it so green tea it is.
  12. I have nearly finished Never Never by James Patterson - I have picked this up to read as I find you don't really have to be in the mood for reading as you can pick up what is going on quite easily.
  13. It was very cold first thing when I was driving into work but seems to be a bit brighter outside now.
  14. I too like the Agatha Raisin series. I have been reading Cherringham A Cosy Crime series by Matthew Costello and Neil Richards - the two main characters are Jack Brennan a former NYPD homicide detective and Sarah Edwards a web designer - the stories are based around the village of Cherringham in the UK. They are harmless easy to read stories.
  15. sorry I have not replied sooner, went away for a long weekend. I will let you know my thoughts