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  1. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

    I finished this book a few days ago and I loved it. Don't fancy any of her other books though. Which is a shame because I thought it was well written. Not sure what genre I'd place it in either.
  2. J. K. Rowling

    I think if she writes a new book or series then she needs to decide who her audience are. Is she writing a kids book or an adults book. I think that's where hp fell flat towards the end. Some of the storyline is quite adult, but the way it's written is childish. I felt that by trying to please everyone the charcters (especially the teenagers) became unbelievable. For a detctive based story line she'd have to stick to write for adults or atleast older teens and stick to that aim through out.
  3. I hated every book I was forced to read at school. Partly because I was forced to read them and partly because they were pathetic mundane stories. I apologise to those that read and enjoy those kinds of novels, but for me it was torture. No blood, no monsters, no murders, no real peril. Just normal people doing normal things. I have considered joining local book clubs. Then I think of the drivel I'd probably have to read and walk swiftly in the opposite direction.
  4. The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

    It has some very mixed reviews on amazon. Think I might give it go though. Looks interesting. Might try and buy it for 1p.
  5. I'm half way through The secret of Anatomy by mark morris. I'm enjoying it so far, I just hope that the ending doesn't let it down. Finished Christopher Ransom's The haunting of James Hastings yesterday. I thought it was really good, much better than his first book.
  6. Slightly different: When I was in primary school there were 2 levels of official books to read. The second level were the legnth of a short story made into a little novel thing. There were some of them that I just could not bring myself to read. They were so pathetic. One was about getting a pet hamster, if I remember rightly. I would look at them and then pick one up and just cry inside. I used to tell my teachers that there were none left that I hadn't read, so they'd let me pick a book from the library. lol
  7. Second-hand books - can you do it?

    A woman I used to work with refused to read a book that anyone had read before her. She wouldn't use the library, buy second hand or even borrow books. I thought she was mad. I just can't understand why it matters. Especially when she complained so much that she had no money. Use the library then it's free, but no she wouldn't. I have no problem buying second hand, in fact I think it's nice to see that other people have enjoyed the book before you. There used to be a lovely antiquarian book shop in my town, it was paradise. Unfortunately it closed down about 5 years or so ago now. It's a shame really. I buy quite a few books at 1p on amazon too.
  8. John Connolly is coming to me libraray!

    I'm just going to take the new one to be signed. Actually I'm going to buy 2 copies so I can read one and then get the other signed and just put it away (in a plastic bag so it doesn't get damaged). I've got 8 days to read it before I actually meet him.
  9. So yes John Connolly is doing a talk and book signing at my local library. I got my ticket today (the very first one) and I am still literally jumping about with excitement. The people I have told about this so far have said: oh. Never heard of him. Is he a writer? What does he write? Oh. It's quite disheartening to be honest. I know authors aren't exactly celebrities and I know most people don't devour books like I do, but seriously Is he a writer? No he's just signing books that other people have written. Is anyone excited for me that I get to meet him? please?
  10. A Game of Thrones weirdness

    I've been to every charity shop in town and the library nowhere has any of these books. I'm going to have to buy the boxset from Waterstones at £30. I hope it's worth it.
  11. A Game of Thrones weirdness

    slightly off topic, but I really want to read this series. I'm wondering if I need to read them in order or are they good as stand alone novels too?
  12. George RR Martin

    do I need to read the books in order?
  13. Favorite book of the year so far?

    Adam Nevill - the ritual Edmund de waal - the hare with amber eyes donato carrisi - the whisperer
  14. George RR Martin

    Just seen the new boxset of these books in waterstones. Waiting for pay day on friday to buy.