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  1. Has anyone read any good true life stories / autobiographies / biographies about alcoholics? The more horrific and depressing the better, thanks
  2. I need some books.

    I've only read one Orwell book and that was 1984, I expect you'l have already read it. Really enjoyed it though, 5 stars
  3. Psychology / Sociology

    Thanks for all your suggestions I will check these out
  4. Thanks very much for your suggestions I will check these out
  5. Hi there I've just read The Electric kool aide acid test, Scar Tissue - Anthony Keidis and One Flew over the cuckoos nest (thought that was brilliant) Was just about to buy Falconer because it sounded really good until I read one of the reviews which said in prison he gets to grips with his bisexuality. I'm not homophobic or anything but somone suggested William Burroughs and I couldn't get away with him either. I guess I just don't what to read about that type of thing however good the story, I've read all Huntrer S thomson, The Doors, Pink Floyd,Irvine Welsh. I have heared Jack Kerauce (I know that is spelt incorrectly) is brilliant but I would like to know which book is the best or which to start on. Thank you, I am gratefull for any and all suggestions the weierder the better. When the going gets weird the weird turn pro. I should probably read that one. Thanks again
  6. Thanks very much I will check these out
  7. I would be greatful if anyone can suggest any books they have read which have changed the way they think about and view life. Upto now the ones I have read which have influenced me have been Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley (The Doors of Perception) and The Electric Kool-Ade Acid test. Any suggestions certainly don't need to be along psychedelic lines, just books which have changed the way you look at things, hopefully changed you for the better, thanks
  8. Psychology / Sociology

    Thanks very much for all the suggestions, I've read all of Hunter S. Thomsons stuff though. I will check the others out
  9. Psychology / Sociology

    Thanks very much will have a look now on Amazon. May I suggest The Damage Done if you're into prison books. The best and most horrific true life account I have ever read
  10. Recently read Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley - The Doors of perception, Jim Morrison - Life Death Legend, sex Drugs and cocoa pops (about how we are all influenced by the media) . Was wondering if anyone can suggest any books I might find interesting, doesn't have to involve drugs lol. Just written by someone who sees things differently and how we are all influenced by tradition, steriotypes and the media (an outside thinker). Thanks, Wayne