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  1. I read book call The Purification Ceremony about Indian lady who help American people who get attack by killers. Very exciting about wilderness but cannot remeber name of writer.
  2. How many languages do you know?

    Thai and Lao. This is central Thai because 4 Thai language but speak central Thai and Isaan Thai. Also Englsih but not so good and some Karen.
  3. JackM Crime 2012

    Here are some very number 1 crime story writers here name Colin Cotterill, Jake needham, John Burdett and Christopher G. Moore but also love from America these number 1 crime story writers Bill Pronzini and Andrew Vachss.
  4. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell

    I just come from Burma and so was thinking about book Burmese days. Very sure book about burma before but sad.
  5. Eat breakfast buffet at chinese hotel in Mae Sai. khao tom, dim sum, boiled egg and also khao phat which is fried rice. Very good and all you can eat.
  6. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Hello Peacefield no I don't know before about book but last night I read on google internet about Laura Ingall Wilder and also book and show. Dvd I watch was not show it was tv movie about show. I watch 1 more movie last night and was Christmas show about crazy lady steal little girl Rose and then mother father have to find her and take back. Movie make wife cry and me too even but happy after.
  7. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I watch dvd but not movie I think tv show but I love this too much and never see before. It was call Little House on the Prairie and from America. Very good show for family and sad but still I want to watch more. Dvd has 2 more shows and I will watch them and look for more dvds of this great show.
  8. India in Fiction

    First book for big people I ever read was in India and is jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and I still love this book and wish to read again.
  9. Yes Godzilla first movie was japanese and in it work American movie actor Raymond Burr. Effect not so good as new movie because long time to go but story better and seem more scary.
  10. What are you listening to? (part 3)

    Thai Christian music on dvd player.
  11. I think first Godzilla better than second one but I think true what people say The Thing that Kurt russel work better than first one.
  12. I finish reading this book and second time. Very exciting story and also in Burma so I know where everywhere in story is and also Chiang Mai is in story also. There is very good action and about world war 2 and also drugs in Burma, It is spy story about agent from England and also I like other book from same man called Scorpion Trail.
  13. What's your job?

    Thank you Julie I watch show youtube like you say and very happy now. Thank you for good wishes and blessing. Also God bless you and family.
  14. What are you eating just now?

    Eat breakfast now and eggs and also pla ra which make from fish and chili and smell bad but taste very good.
  15. Autobiographies and Biographies

    I read now today Confessions of Saint Augustine people say number 1 autobiography in world forever.