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  1. 50 Shades of Grey

    I'm currently reading the second I'm enjoying them. Really quick reads. There completely different to anything I have read before. I don't think its fair to judge the books on the first few pages or even couple of chapters as its not at all as I expected the books. Someone posted about them saying 'she rolled her eyes' and 'she bit her lip' too many times but if you read the book I will realise that they are his turn ones and pet hates so are used against him
  2. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I hate silent movies and not a huge fan of black and white but I really enjoyed the Artist. All the oscar buzz got to me an I finally gave him and suprised myself. Definately deserved the oscars. It did go a little slow in the middle but was worth sticking with.
  3. Hi our local Waterstones have started a reading group and there are no other ones near me so want to try and stick with it. There is a choice of 2 books to read this month Pure by Andrew Miller and Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman. Just wondered if anyone has read them and can recommend them please. Quite gutted as missed last months and it was Before I Go To Sleep and I reallyrfancy that book TIA Gemma
  4. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    I watched Death Becomes Her this afternoon but ive seen it a million times. Last new film I saw was Sherlock Holmes 2: book of shadows
  5. Your book activity in 2012

    I'm reading The Women in Black by Susan Hill and very much enjoying although getting very freaked out already
  6. What do you stubbornly refuse to read, and why?

    Mills and Boon and the twilight saga lol. I know the books are meant to be better than the films but I really hated the film. Also I love the true blood books so think they will be a bit too tame. I don't like those abuse books either but I did read A child called it and did 'enjoy' it (can't think of the correct word). I did read one that was the first babysitter of Fred and Rose west that was very interesting as she became a key witness in there trial.
  7. I'd have to tidy them myself they're not even the right way round lol. I just want one of those ladders if I'm honest.
  8. Hi sorry to bump an old thread but ive just ordered the 2006 edition from play (£2.19 free del) and wondered if someone with both copies could tell me what book have been added please. Also does anyone have a copy of the spreasheet as the original link no longer works? Thanks
  9. Any Recommendations? =)

    hi just a suggestion but have you tried the Charlaine Harris Trueblood novels? I read the series and loved them. They're alot better than the series if you have seen them. If you havent heard of them they are basically adult versions of twiliight.
  10. thanks guys. I've decided to continue with The Surgeon as I have it already and she how I go(it has picked up already). I have put the others on my to read list and definately give it a go. My mom is currently reading The Redbreast and is going to pass that onto me once she has finished so that maybe next.
  11. Brilliant thank you! Any particular titles by those authors to start off with?
  12. Hi I'm new to this forum so I hope I've done this right. I'm looking for my next book to read but want a really good, edge of your seat, gripping thriller. I recently read Die for me by karen rose which I loved but did try another one of hers and found it too samey! I started Tess Gerritsen the Surgeon last night but wasnt too keen on the way it was written which is a shame as the blurb sounds exactly like the sort of book I am after. Should I give it another go or leave it? So if anyone has some reccommendations that would be brill. Thanks