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    My partner Mick and our son Richard who is 21
  1. Your Book Activity ~ October 2012

    I am into Martina Cole books at the minute and I am reading 'Two Women'
  2. I love Jill Mansell books romance with a happy ending, also Katie Fforde all have happy endings, I have all there books both of these authors.
  3. Lesley Pearse books

    I have pre-ordered from Amazon her latest book 'The Promise, which is a sequel to 'Belle', I have all her books, she is absolutely brilliant author
  4. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 16

    Margaret Dickinson 'Pauper's Gold'
  5. Nicholas Sparks!

    I just cannot get into his books, find his endings all sad, I personally like happy endings
  6. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 16

    Margaret Dickinson 'The Tulip Girl'
  7. I am reading 'Sons and Daughters by Margaret Dickinson, a very good book
  8. Reading 'When Dreams Come True', Emma Blair', cannot read anything to heavy at the moment, with everything going on in my life, my partner has been diagnosed with a tumour on the gullet, awaiting for chemo to start, that is why I have not been on here lately, just not feeling like it.
  9. Has anyone read...?

    I have read Mills and Boon books, they are all the same, the men are all rich, and the women are poor, which would never really happen in real life, all got the same happy endings. I had about 30 or even more in my bookcase never read them, just took them a few weeks ago before we moved to the charity shop.
  10. I have started last night Lesley Pearse 'Faith', I have already got into the book as I do with all of Lesley Pearse books.
  11. I started yesterday Karen Rose 'Don't Tell' absolutely brilliant book
  12. Sophie Kinsella

    Am I the only one that cannot get into her books, I have tried very hard
  13. Lesley Pearse books

    I have all of Lesley Pearse books on my book case, some I have read, and some I still have to read, my favourite is still 'Never Look Back', I have read 'Belle', brilliant also, there is a sequel to 'Belle', coming out next January, which is 'Torn', cannot wait
  14. Transworld Book Group

    Started reading last night in bed 'The Secrets Between Us' absolutely brilliant
  15. Transworld Book Group

    Can I ask a silly question, I received my book 'The Secrets Between Us', it looks brilliant, what I want to know, is when I have read the book do I have to send it back.