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  1. The Last Film You Saw - 2019

    Life...a sci-fi/horror. I really enjoyed it.
  2. What are you eating just now?

    Two squares of white chocolate.
  3. I've finished The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F Hamilton. Some parts were a real struggle, as there seemed to be more characters and words than were necessary for the plot. It was a bit of a relief to finish it. I still have the other 2 in the series on my Kindle to be read at some point. I'm also still listening to Jaws and Roots on Audible, both very good. I'm now reading With The End in Mind by Kathryn Mannix, which is such a good read. Kathryn Mannix has worked as a palliative care doctor/consultant for the past 30+ years, and here she shares a handful of experiences about hospice care and the dying process (not only the physical side). So, so good.....one of the most interesting books I've read. After that, I intend to move on to His Bloody Project by Graeme Burnett.
  4. A Book blog, 2019 by Books do Furnish a Room

    The Jeanette Winterson book sounds very interesting. I have added it to my wishlist.
  5. I finished The Salt Path (which annoyed me in parts - more of that when I get around to writing a review), and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (loved this one). Now I'm listening to Roots by Alex Haley, while reading The Reality Dysfunction (by Peter F Hamilton) and With The End In Mind (by Kathryn Mannix). I've also started listening to Jaws by Peter Benchley. It's good, and I'm listening with my husband who doesn't read at all. He loves the movie so he's enjoying it.
  6. Brian's Book Log - Ongoing

    I read a book on the Dyatlov Pass Incident last year. The one I read was by Alan Baker, and it was a chore. He too focused heavily on the alien theory, and while I don't remember that much about it, I recall it getting pretty silly.
  7. I thought it was average, and so haven't bothered with the sequels. I much preferred The Casual Vacancy. Different genre though. I'm listening to Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, which I am loving. The narration is superb and really brings the characters and story to life. This is probably my favourite audiobook so far. I'm also still reading The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F Hamilton (seems to have picked up the pace after sagging a bit in the middle) and The Salt Path by Raynor Winn.
  8. Bobblybear's Book List - 2019

    Yes, ok to post. Happy reading year to you too.
  9. Welcome to my 2019 book list!! Hopefully it will be kept more up to date than my 2018 list (which I started halfway through the year, and only ran to 2 pages ). My format is going to stay the same as previous years. For some reason, I've always categorised books by the year they were purchased....which means I am really cringing when I see how many books I purchased 5+ years ago but have yet to read. My aim is to reduce my TBR pile, but unfortunately it just seems to be growing year on year. Oh well, there are worse problems to have so I'm not too bothered by it. I haven't listed my treebooks (I didn't list them in 2018 either), mostly because I had a massive cull in early 2018 and I just don't have the energy to go through my bookcase and list them all. I will hopefully read some of them this year, but I expect most of my reading with be done on my Kindle. Anyway, enough rambling from me. I hope everyone has a great reading year in 2019 and I look forward to reading everyone's posts in the coming year.
  10. Willoyd's Reading 2018

    Great review! Wilding sounds like something I would enjoy, so I have added it to my wishlist.
  11. Horror Recommendations

    Dark Matter by Michelle Paver is one of the creepiest books I have read. What about The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson? That one has received a lot of attention, what with the recent Netflix series.
  12. Chrissy's Reading 2019

    It could have been timing or mood, sometimes it's just not the 'right' time to read a book. I've had this with a few books, where I have tried them but couldn't get into them. Then a few years later, I will pick them up again and it really grabs me this time. Those books are right up my alley, so I will definitely be giving them another go.
  13. Athena's Reading List 2019

    Have a great reading year in 2019, Athena!
  14. Frankie reads 2019

    Have a great reading year in 2019, Frankie!
  15. Self Help Books

    Same here. I assumed I must be missing something as it has been so highly reviewed and recommended. I still have it on my bookshelf to re-read in the hopes that I will 'get it'.
  16. Chrissy's Reading 2019

    I read The Passage a few years ago, and while I enjoyed it, it didn't fully grab me. Last year (or maybe the year before) the trilogy was for sale on Kindle for £0.99 each. I've bought them, as I figured I will give it another go (I only read the first one). You review makes me want to read the series sooner rather than later.
  17. Still reading The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F Hamilton. It's a bit heavy going, so last night I picked up Silence of the Lambs which I'm devouring. I'm also listening to Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, which is very enjoyable.
  18. Ian's reading 2019

    Have a great reading year in 2019, Ian.
  19. Madeleine's Book Log - ongoing

    Have you read Dark Matter by Michelle Paver? It was so creepy and atmospheric...one of the best 'horror' stories I've read. Have a great reading year in 2019.
  20. Busy reading

    Happy reading to you too! I haven't read Wind in the Willows in a long time (since I was a child). I must re-read it at some point.
  21. Bobblybear's Book List - 2019

    I've finished my first audiobook of the year - Killers of the Flower Moon. I can't remember why I bought it - if it just caught my eye, or it had very favourable reviews - as I didn't know anything about it before I started listening. In the 1920s, the Osage Indians (who were among the richest group of people in the world) were being murdered one by one. These people had been relocated to Oklahoma, on what later turned out to be some of the most fruitful oil fields in the country. They were given the full land rights over this oil (but unbelievably were all required by law to have guardians to manage their wealth) much to the resentment of a lot of the 'white' population around them. After some very half-hearted local investigation into these murders the case was eventually turned over to the newly formed Bureau of Investigation (soon to be called the FBI). The book is told in three main sections. The first part is from the perspective of Mollie Burkhart, who was one of the Osage Indians and who's family members were among the first to be murdered. The second section is told from the perspective of Tom White, the federal agent who was assigned to the case. The final section is the author's view on the case, after carrying out his research nearly a century after the crimes were committed. It was an absolutely fascinating case, with so many twists and turns that you'd think it was fiction! And when the culprits were identified....well it was pretty shocking! The audiobook was only about 9 hours long, but it covered so much information. Because it was told from different perspectives and different timelines, you got to hear how these crimes affected everyone involved and in some cases were still affecting them several generations later. Highly recommended.
  22. I've taken the dog out for his walk and listened to Killers of the Flower Moon at the same time. Now that I'm back home I'm going to get on with The Reality Dysfunction.
  23. Raven's Reads

    Have a great reading year in 2019, Raven!
  24. Karen.d's Reading List 2019

    Oh yes, The Wasp Factory is very dark indeed. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great reading year in 2019!
  25. Have a great reading year in 2019, Angury.