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  1. Rest in Peace

    Just read that Andrea Levy passed away today. She wrote Small Island and The Long Song among others. Really saddened to hear this because I enjoyed her books so much.
  2. I finished War of the Worlds on Audible and now I'm listening to Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. I'm also reading Hard Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World by Haruki Murakami.
  3. I've finished The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. Very good, but unsure about the ending. Next up will be A Captain's Duty by Richard Phillips. I've also finished listening to Roots by Alex Haley and Jaws by Peter Benchley. I've now started listening to the Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War of the Worlds.
  4. The Last Film You Saw - 2019

    I just watched The Shape of Water. So fantastically bizarre...I really enjoyed it.
  5. Bobblybear's Book List - 2019

    Thank you. It's not often that I buy physical books but I couldn't resist. And they are fairly light so will be easy to read in bed.
  6. I finished Them by Jon Ronson, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I read Noughts and Crosses by Marjorie Blackman, which I didn't particularly enjoy (I'm just not keen on Young Adult). Now I am reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. It's good so far, and I haven't read the synopsis beforehand so I have no idea where it's heading. I'm also still listening to Jaws (Peter Benchley) and Roots (Alex Haley). I feel like I've been listening to them forever. Two hours remaining on both, so nearly done. Yesterday on Kindle (Monthly Deals for February) I bought: A Captain's Duty - Richard Phillips (Captain Phillips was based on this book; I love that movie. The Talisman - Peter Straub and Stephen King. I've read this before but it was only £0.99 Feral - George Monbiot.
  7. Them: Adventures With Extremists is very interesting so far. It's only a short book so I will probably finish it this weekend.
  8. Karen.d's Reading List 2019

    I must get around to re-reading it again. It's been so long ago that I read it, and I hardly remember any of it so it will be like reading it for the first time as well.
  9. Bobblybear's Book List - 2019

    Yeah, I loved the look of The Almanac. I could have bought it on Kindle (as it was the Daily Deal a couple of days ago) but it's the kind of book that is definitely worth getting a physical copy of. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World does sound a bit strange but then again, all of Murakami's books are pretty 'out there'.
  10. Bobblybear's Book List - 2019

    I don't often purchase physical books anymore, but picked up these gems today.
  11. I finished His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet which was very good. Now I think I will read Them: Adventures With Extremists by Jon Ronson.
  12. The Last Film You Saw - 2019

    Life...a sci-fi/horror. I really enjoyed it.
  13. What are you eating just now?

    Two squares of white chocolate.
  14. I've finished The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F Hamilton. Some parts were a real struggle, as there seemed to be more characters and words than were necessary for the plot. It was a bit of a relief to finish it. I still have the other 2 in the series on my Kindle to be read at some point. I'm also still listening to Jaws and Roots on Audible, both very good. I'm now reading With The End in Mind by Kathryn Mannix, which is such a good read. Kathryn Mannix has worked as a palliative care doctor/consultant for the past 30+ years, and here she shares a handful of experiences about hospice care and the dying process (not only the physical side). So, so good.....one of the most interesting books I've read. After that, I intend to move on to His Bloody Project by Graeme Burnett.
  15. A Book blog, 2019 by Books do Furnish a Room

    The Jeanette Winterson book sounds very interesting. I have added it to my wishlist.