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  1. how to start reading spiderman.

    i want to read spiderman ,but dont know where to start .and am utterly confused
  2. Vampire Academy

    nope no sparkling vampires...and no jerk of vampires like edward..either this series is like 20,000 times better then ghetto twilight...
  3. thank you ..sorry this thanks is 2 months late

  4. suggests to read

    anne rice is okay
  5. Must. Read.

    starwars ?
  6. Favorite Halloween Movies and Music

    nightmare before x-mas
  7. suggests to read

    the darren bk1 was okay , bk2 was blah
  8. suggests to read

    I read the first book but the second was boring ....seemed like the author was droning on and on .... and I am tired of twilight , I read all 4 books and seen the first 2 movies but I am done with twilight , burned out ...on it .... I'm all v.a ( vampire academy ) and POTTER!
  9. suggests to read

    isnt the dark is rising about the 7th son of a 7th son ?
  10. Favorite Manga

    SAILOR MOON! DB/DBZ Yu-gi-O Bleach naruto inuyasha and many others
  11. suggests to read

    I'll try again to get into the books...
  12. I am at a loss of what to read ... I do like young adult books some drama , fantasy, MANGA um horror , supsense and thrillers and mysterious and cop books.. I don't mind the little kid section either.. though I've already read the full series of red wall
  13. help finding book title

    turns out I was wrong about the son being a warlock , its the father who is a warlock but the son has magical powers but not a warlock...