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  1. Lee Child

    Finished them all. Worth Dying For is really great.
  2. Harry Bosch - Michael Connelly Jack Reacher - Lee Child Elvis Cole and Joe Pike - Robert Crais Lincoln Rhymes - Jeffery Deaver
  3. JackM Crime 2012

    I second Lee Child and Jeffery Deaver.
  4. Lee Child

    I'm actually reading One Shot at the moment. Still cannot picture Cruise playing Jack Reacher.
  5. Love Connelly. IMO his Harry Bosch is his bread and butter.
  6. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 15

    I got 60 pages in on Zero Day by David Baldacci.
  7. Hi from HoneyGirl

    Welcome to BCF. We hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Your Book Activity Today ~ Thread 15

    Looking forward to S J Watson's Before I Go to Sleep. Been hearing lots of good things about it.
  9. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Green Lantern - meh. Scream 4 - the worst one yet
  10. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    gonna watch that tonight
  11. Stick with the Poet. It's gets really good about 100 pages left.
  12. James Lee Burke

    I'm currently reading Heaven's Prisoners and think its an okay read. Dave seems to be the kinda of cop that takes the law in his own hands. I don't know if I consider it a mystery but more of a thriller but they are interesting to read because of Dave's ability to take punishment.
  13. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Warrior - awesome movie!
  14. The Last Film You Saw ~ Part 2

    Dylan Dog - meh
  15. Hello People :)

    Welcome to BCF