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  1. Difficulties when reading

    @frankie: yes, definitely, I have a complex inner life, which makes me more an artist than a reader, that's for sure @bobblybear: thanks, yes it's much harder. When I read a Dutch book afterwards I read it way faster ('shock effect?')
  2. Difficulties when reading

    Thanks for the replies It also occurs with Dutch - although less - that I sometimes fail to make some connections and that a sentence becomes just words the first time I read it. So I also have some problems with reading in my native language.
  3. Hey Lately I've been worrying a bit about my reading skills. It takes some time and effort to comprehend a sentence, and see how it relates to the prior. Sometimes I really feel stuck on a sentence, and I don't want to move on when I don't really get it (while I sometimes even should!) When I don't know a verb (I read in english instead of dutch a lot), it's sometimes hard to guess, so it takes even more time looking words up. Main problem is that I focus a lot on details, and sometimes lose the big picture. All with all, it takes fairly much time to read even say 20 pages. On the other hand: usually I remember fairly much details, and I genuinely like reading; it's one of those things I don't give up despite the barriers. Do you think these difficulties decrease the more you have read? Do you recognize some of my obstacles and what do you do about it? With love, R
  4. For me a good book has balance (or harmony)...You can say this for a lot of things, for example in cerebral - sentimental etc. And even exciting books, shouldn't be constantly exciting because it'll lose it's effect. You can think of many more things. The Harry Potter books uses verbs like '.. hissed', 'stretched his legs' a little too much. This is almost objective but.. I think it's important that the book can evoke something a film or picture cannot; the medium is the message! It should trigger the imagination/mind, but everyone has a different mind so it's indeed very subjective.
  5. Dear folks, Because I'm a slow reader I don't read anything that I can lay my hands on, I have to be selective 'cause reading is quite an investment for me. Enfin, I'm looking for a book that fits either one of this -a book about life in Soviet Russia (fiction) -..university life in America or the UK (fiction), would be cool if the protagonist is a girl and/or teachers are also involved -anything that is a quick read with snappy dialogues, doesn't matter if its chick-lit Thanks a real lot !
  6. I really like The Truth About Dandelions - Hayley Linfield. Does anybody know a book which puts literary qualities in a crisp written 'coast':, fast read but still lots to think about on the inside. Thanks already
  7. Hi nice people, I'm looking for something which has great (or funny, recognizable) characters and no redundant descriptions. Preferably easy to get through, yet stays in your head. Also an everyday setting would be great, like a school for example. In short: light but still with literary qualities. Authors I like are Rober B. Parker (for the characters and plot, I'm not per se a detective reader), Nick Hornby, even Jane Austen. Thanks a bunch
  8. I'm looking for a book that's easy to read without a superfluous amount of descriptions. It would be awesome if anyone could rec me a book full of british humor
  9. Favorite Manga

    Is Takehiko Inoue's 'Vagabond' series any good?
  10. Hello, I am 16 years old and from Holland. I really dig the writing style of Robert B parker. I read High Profile and am reading Night and day now. I'm still learning my english and I find Parker's manner of using short sentences in dialogue very nice. I was wondering what books also have this kind of style which makes it easier to read. I like crime, thriller and a little fantasy.
  11. Thank you! It doesn't have to be truly essential btw, if its a good read its great!
  12. The First Crime Novel You Read?

    High Profile by Robert B. Parker
  13. Hello folks, I am 16 years old and already convinced left-winger. Are there any good books (novels) about left-wing politics/communism/left action that are essential for the leftie? thanks a heap Ruben