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  1. Now this is a rather different problem-I need the books online.I have read the first two books of the series,but as it turns out,the publisher that had taken up the series decided to abandon it,and no further Wolfhound books will be translated in my language,and therefore won't be available in my country.My Russian knowledge consists of no more than 10 words,so I can't really read the books in their original language,and my only option is finding them in English,which I can't really do in any bookstore in my country,so I had to resort to the Internet.But every time I type in the titles,I get a ton of dog-lover sites plus a few Russian ones-which doesn't help me at all. I really hope that they were,in fact,translated in English, and that some of you can give me a link to them,because that seems to be my only chance to read the rest of the series.