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  1. Reading Circle Review Questions

    Love the questions. I only write reviews for myself since most of the books I read are so old, and when I do review, I tend to only write about what infuriates me, whether it's about the plot or the characters. I don't often take into account the overall reading experience or any favorite parts, so these questions are great for me and writing better reviews. Thanks!
  2. A Year of Genres 2014

    Julie-Thanks for the friend request and the Book Bingo idea; totally brilliant. I already know what I'm reading for the next couple years, but I'll remember it so I have a more diverse list for my next year of genres. I'll post the list soon. Vodkafan-I found one of your Genre Challenges and thought that was really brilliant. I love that you had so many books, a few genres completely new and mysterious to me (like "lad lit;" never heard of it before I saw it on your list), some I have read and others I haven't but am still curious about (I appreciated your review of The Bourne Identity). Kidsmum-Thanks for the recommendation on the Reading Circle, but there are so many to choose from and so little time! I should join a Reading Circle, but I'm always reading my own books, never on a partner read or anything like that. I'll have to find one that likes me.
  3. A Year of Genres 2014

    Thanks Julie! Book bingo? What would be in your year of genres, Julie? Every book on my list so far is already in my own personal library. By choosing from my personal collection of books on my TBR list, there's a good chance I won't get bored and fall behind in my year.
  4. A Year of Genres 2014

    I love to read, but I tend to stay with a certain genre (largely romance). Nothing wrong with that, but it means there’s not much variety in what I read. I tend to stay inside the lines, where it’s comfortable and the plots are simple. There are no complex plots, and for the most part, it’s only a few (if that) different genres yearly, by a few (if that) different authors. In September 2013, I had the idea to start a different reading pattern from what I had done heretofore. My plan was to read a book from a different genre each month, for a year. 12 genres in 12 months. I thought, why wait for the New Year to start something new? October was Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, November was Justin Halpern’s S*it my Dad Says, December was 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She’s 30 by Pamela Redmond Satran and the editors of Glamour Magazine, and since the last book started in December and bled into this month, I accidentally skipped a book for January. Plus, I don’t have it all mapped out. I only have eight books planned so far, and I might change some of the genres. I’m not sure what February will be, but I plan to keep going after the year of genres. Maybe a year of Stephen King next, or a year of series. Help me out here! Any suggestions? What year of books have you done, or would like to do?
  5. Reading Challenges

    I totally understand and identify with your stress from reading, Athena. I'm not the fastest reader in the world, and I'm trying to read a book a month. It's a challenge I set for myself, to read a book of one genre per month. This month is more than half over and I'm not half finished with my book, so I'm feeling the fire. Stressing out a little bit, and I already fell behind last month and don't want to do it again this time. I like having a deadline, though, because without it, I'd be stuck on one book for months.
  6. Your Book Activity Today - Thread 10

    I finished volume 1 of "Best New Horror," published in 1990. It's a collection of short horror stories given to me by a friend circa 2002 or 2003, and since it's dog-eared (my sister would say "loved") and kind of gross, I didn't mind taking it to my semi-sanitary workplace (and I think I'm going to BookCross it). Some of the stories were completely annoying, or just ridiculous, and some were ridiculously annoying, but there were a tolerable few. Luckily, I ended on one of the tolerable ones. I think I'm going to blog about it though, so I won't say too much. But I'm grateful to have read it, because it exposed me to more horror authors that I'm going to look up. Without that book, I'd continue my tendency to confine myself to no more than 10 authors of various genres (and most of my bookshelf is Stephen King). I read 2 more chapters of "The Da Vinci Code," and I don't know how Dan Brown didn't get annoyed with his own writing style. He's just a bit too slow for me, and the dead guy in the beginning ... arrghhhh!! So frustrating!! Damn you, Dan Brown!!! ::shakes fist in the air::
  7. Yea, I really need to find more people with whom I can talk about books. "The Da Vinci Code" is still annoying me, and I finished "Best New Horror," which is a collection of short horror stories published in 1990. Some of the stories were good, but others were completely annoying (or ridiculous) ****. How's "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" coming? I've seen it everywhere, in stores and on people's reading lists.

  8. Hiya, thanks for the friend request :D I hope you've been enjoying this forum, I find it the best place to talk books and meet new awesome people :)

  9. Hi :) Stephen King books are a bit hit and miss for me. The first on I read was Carrie (I ended up only reading the first 50 pages or so because I hated it). Then I read Green Mile and I loved it, it has become my favourite book now. Since then I tried to read Misery and didn't like it. Now I'm reading Cell and quite enjoying it :lol: I have Lisey's Story and Dolores Clairborne to read too, and I'm sure I'll go back to Carrie and Misery at some point. :smile2:

  10. I just like books that maybe involve intrigue within families/friends, maybe family rivalry etc. If you check my reading list on here you will see what kind of books I have read. I have been trying to read slightly different kinds of genre. What about yourself. Heck Library Thing, I forgotten to go on there in such a long time, I will have forgotten how to use it.....lol

  11. What are you watching now?

    I was watching "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," but it's over now. Good night, BCF world!
  12. Hi! I just wanted to say I love you for loving Stephen King! I read someone's review of The Tommyknockers, and they hated it, so I needed to know he's still loved to get that out of my head. My first Stephen King read was The Dark Half when I was 14. What was yours?

  13. The Preference Game (pt2)

    Silver. Pirates or zombies?
  14. Thanks very much, Diane/Inver, for the welcome! I'm finding my way around here quite well, in fact. I saw your profile on LibraryThing and it's really cool. How exactly would you describe a family/relationship type novel? I've never read something described as such, so I'm very curious.

  15. I will check out Amanda Quick books at amazon.com.

    I'm always looking for an interesting book. And get most of them at amazon.

    I usually buy the used books, but do prefer hardcover when I can get it.

    I'll go check out the introduction thread. Thanks.