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  1. This is the long awaited book by Marian after her recent battle with depression. It brings back one of the Walsh family, this time Helen, who, with the economic downturn, has little to no work as a private investigator and has to move back home to live with her parents. As usual with Marian, she interweaves an issue, this time about depression, with a fiction story which is laugh aloud in parts. Much of it is old style Marian, with her note for detail of everyday life and it's absurdness and hilarity. The mystery is a good one, and though other reviewers on Amazon saw it coming, I did not. It's not a blood and guts mystery, more a chick lit mystery. I loved it and i am glad Marian is back in the game. Oh, one thing I found. I had also bought her book "Saved by Cake" bake yourself happy about Maryanns own battle with depression and over 50 cake recipes. I am such a tragic fan girl! I noted that chuncks of what Marian had written in SBC were also written word for word from Helen Walsh. I found that a little unsettling, but shouldn't have really. I think Marian was speaking through Helen. If you love Marian, you'll love it
  2. I would add Marian Keyes to this as well. Her last book wasn't even funny however she admitted she had depression when she wrote it.
  3. I'm new here!

    Welcome to the forum. I was too far away from the volcano to worry about it. I love your sense of humour on the matter though:) Welcome to the forum.
  4. Hello

    And what is wrong with that??? Welcome
  5. She started getting 'high on her own supply' in my opinion. Thought she was pretty good. Wally Lamb is the one for me as the answer to this question.
  6. James Lee Burke

    Great film. I did another post on it.
  7. Apologies if this subject has already been posted. Have you ever been watching a film that you KNEW must have been a book even though you didn't know at the time? It happened to me last night watching "In the Electric Mist". I thought "This is too good to not have been a book first" Sure enough it was, and written by James Lee Burke.
  8. I am just torn on writing anything about this book. Usually I pick to pieces very popular books (like the Da Vinci Code) and I think the only popular book that I really liked is "The Book Thief" Certainly, this book is gripping, but once the main mystery was over I was a bit 'meh' They sure do drink a lot of coffee in Sweden and the main character has the morals of an alley cat. I couldn't work out how he was sentenced and walked out of jail. That doesn't happen where I live. That kept playing on my mind. I loved Lisbeth, though. Worth reading for sure.
  9. Spooks/Ghosts..?

    I am no expert, Denise, I have just read widely on the subject as well as having a few encounters plus a family that was quite involved in the Spiritual Church. I don't think it matters where a persons earthly remains rest as spirit can manifest anywhere. A lot of what I say is my own personal views too, so take it as you please
  10. That is just wonderful. You go, mum! Great on so many levels
  11. P C Cast / House of Night Series

    Has anyone else noticed how the vampire section at book shops is growing almost on a daily basis? It seems a bigger section than all the other genre at the moment.
  12. Spooks/Ghosts..?

    Denise, I think that is your sons friend trying to communicate with him. He is moving to the place where they lived before am I right? Don't be frightened, they can't hurt you. I have had a lot of these sorts of things happen to me and other colleagues. I suppose it happens a lot working at night in a hospital. The most recent one was about two weeks ago, we had a priest come and give blessings to another priest who was dying. I went in the room after the first one left and I felt something touching me all over, very lightly. It was not frightening at all. Then I went into the room of the lady next door who is completely sane. She knew nothing of this but said "I don't feel I am alone in this room" I said "Well I assure you that you are"
  13. Has to be really because you avoid the middleman costs. Sometimes thins appear to be more expensive to make, like for example fruit cake, but see how much more generous your recipe usually is than the miniscule amount of fruit in cheap bought cakes. You get what you pay for and if food is cheap there are usually less ingredients or inferior. Just my opinion and I am an avid cook. I do all my own pizza base, biscuits, cakes, though not bread. I have a very cheap supply there (daughter works in a bakery )
  14. Thanks Mia, I have seen that book at a book exchange shop near where I live. I have some credit there. (and the TBR pile just grows and grows:lol:)
  15. Where do you get your books?

    The last book I got was from betterworldbooks.com and I get the second hand ones. I use the library, or from friends or bookstores/dept stores