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  1. Hey, good to see you visit, JCW! How are you doing?

  2. Johnny where have you been last few months?

  3. Well haven't been on here in a while!

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    2. vodkafan


      Hi Johnny what you reading?

    3. Johnny Carson Whit

      Johnny Carson Whit

      Hey vf, I'm reading IT again, not long finished the dragon keeper - robin hobb. You?

    4. Nici


      That's cos you're always on Twitter! ;D

  4. Hope you have had a good birthday, JCW :)

  5. Happy birthday. Don't get too drunk. :D

  6. C.J.Sansom

    I've now got the four available Shardlake books and have the 5th on order. I'm halfway through the first and I love it, the writing style flows perfectly and it does a great job of placing you right in the middle of a medieval murder mystery. It's edging towards being one of the best I have ever read in any genre.
  7. Your Book Activity Today - Thread 12

    Have read just under 100 pages of Hyperion. I normally abhor the kind of sci-fi that seem to make up words for planets and character names willy nilly, which on first glance is what I thought this was going to be. But I am really enjoying this so far, sci-fi with a human angle. Looking forward to reading more today, which is a sure sign of a good book.
  8. C.J.Sansom

    Is it essential to read this series in order? I've just picked up Sovereign not realising that its the third book!
  9. Your Book Activity Today - Thread 12

    I'm reading IT again, first time in a few years, I stayed up until about 2am this morning reading it, i'm quite suprised so far how different it is to how I remember it, I dont think I fully took it in and appreciated it on my first read. I gave up on The Book Thief a quarter of the way in. Not my thing at all.
  10. Hyperion by Dan Simmons

    Just put this on hold at my library, going to be my next read all the reviews i've read have been glowing and describe it as a mix between horror and sci-fi.
  11. Weight Loss and Getting in Shape

    Well since last posting on this thread I have definitely lost a few pounds, not even close to what I need to though. I wanted to join a gym last week and was really looking forward to getting into a routine going after work. They wouldnt let me join without GP permission due to high blood pressure So I went to my GP and the Nurse there said she would refer me onto the Positive Steps referral scheme, which is basically a 16 week scheme run at the local activa gym where you are supported by an instructor to devise an exercise plan and use the facilities there. I've been trying to get onto this for about 18 months, 2 different Dr's have said they will refer me (the first a year ago) and I heard nothing. Got a letter today from the Gym, a week after the Nurse referred me and I start on the 27th. 4 months of concentrated exercise, i'm going to be like a marine by Christmas
  12. Good football books to read

    I'm not a huge reader of this genre but I would imagine people who are, are hugely influenced by the team(s) they follow. I could list 3 or 4 great books from ex-players of my team that would probably bore you to tears One I did enjoy reading though from a high profile 'legend' of the game was Thats the only book in this genre I would recommend for reasons already stated. Though as a Gooner you probably woudnt go near it! Bit of general advice - stay away from anything David Beckham has ever wrote. I picked up his first and it was like a colouring book.
  13. What are you eating just now?

    Approximately 3 quarters of a rather large watermelon:irked:
  14. Stephen King

    I'm not the most intellectual person and I am not good at analysing underlying meanings of stories, but for what it's worth I took the whole overall story as being a play on I guess that is pretty much a given. But it was satisfying enough for me personally.
  15. Stephen King

    Just finished Under the dome. Found it a bit of a slog towards the end. I can see the metaphor he was drawing comparisons with and that is the angle that drives the whole story and the ending. An enjoyable story. Not one I would read again though.