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  1. oh my goodness!! thank you so much! Anything you ever need help with, just give me a buzz/email lol xx
  2. Hi Basically im trying desperatly to think of a book that I read a couple of years ago (im 18, so some of you might even be reading it now!) I can think of the whole storyline but cannot remember the author, title or even character names! If you can figure out the book im on about than give yourself a pat on the shoulder and please please tell me the name of it!! This is it: A young girl, she lives up in a mountain with other girls who get the 'sight' - the ability to predict the future. Unfortunately, she is older than all the other girls and does not get the sight, so she goes to work in the library where a dog comes alive. She gets these magic bells that allows her to go into the afterlife where its like a really cold lake. Basically with her dog and magic bells she has to go and save the world. Its a series of 3 - 5 books. Aimed at teenagers. If you could help - it would make me so happy, any help, constructive suggestions will be appreciated Sorry my description is a bit dodgy. Thanks Cavesloth