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  1. It's been such a long time since you were last here Vinay. I hope all is well and happy with you. Have a lovely birthday. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Vinay. I hope youu are enjoying a lovely day.

  3. Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time series

    Do that! The audiobooks are awesome! Really though, the people who say they gave up shouldn't be reading this series in the first place. It's 14 books long, and sure a few things get dragged, but they are required. This is a single book, not separate. Besides, the series is getting an awesome ending. Do give it a go! You can even listen to all the books on audio.
  4. Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time series

    This series is really worth it. I love it, even though a couple of books were a bit low in the middle. The series is about to end, something that's been bound to happen for 30 years! I mean, It's been so long since Robert Jordan began The Eye of the World and he's even dead now but the Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills I can't wait for Jan 8th. I'm taking three days off to read the last three books back to back! Just the way RJ would've wanted me to! Damn, this topic makes me teary.
  5. Vinay's Book Log for 2012

    1. Conn Iggulden - Genghis : Lords of the Bow This book follows through with the history of Genghis Khan, and how he comes to China. It's been a month since I finished the book so I don't remember the details but I did enjoy it, if not as much as the first part in the series. I'll read the next part sometime soon. 2. Patrick Rothfuss - The Name of the Wind This book is standard fantasy for teenagers just coming out of Harry Potter fandom. That being said, it is a pretty good book. I thoroughly enjoyed it when I read it last week and I would normally recommend it to anyone who wants something standard. There's nothing different here, Rothfuss is pretty much sticking to the essence of fantasy and isn't going out of his way to risk anything. I have to wonder how this won awards though, there's nothing breakthrough here. In fact, in hindsight, this story reads like Raymond E. Feist's Talon of the Silver Hawk. But yeah, Tal was 10,000 times better than Kvothe as a hero. And Feist's all sorts of bloody awesome to boot. I'd have posted a better review if I'd not read/started the second book. 3. Patrick Rothfuss - The Wise Man's Fear This is a classic example of fame going to one's head. It's horrible. The book just drones on and on about Kvothe being awesome, about his being the perfect Gary Stu, about his damned relationship with Denna, his and I kid you not, great than immortal-beings' sexual prowess although he's only 16. Yeesh. There's a 65 page sex scene there. Nothing tasteful either. Sexist, too formulaic and very, very cliched. This is just plain horrible. A writer gone to waste. I'm going to read something different for a while. Science Fiction! I might read the Dune series by Frank Herbert or Hyperion by Dan Simmons. I'm also planning on reading the Horus Heresy series of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  6. Unknown words

    I didn't bother before but ever since I started using a Kindle touch all I have to do is touch the word and voila!
  7. "I will weep no more for the lost, asleep in their water graves. I have no more tears for my youth in the temple of the brindled ox. Life is strong in me and I will not grieve for what was or might have been. Mine is a different path and I must follow where it leads." - Taliesin : Pendragon Cycle Book One by Stephen R. Lawhead
  8. Currently reading Stephen R. Lawhead - Pendragon Cycle Book One : Taliesin

  9. Vinay's Book Log for 2012

    Time for a few reviews! 1. Terry Pratchett - Mort The fifth book in the Discworld series does not disappoint. The beginning of the series was a little slow and never had a hook to it, but this book begins Pratchett's real deal. DEATH, the anthropomorphous personification of Death, is back and this time, he's better than ever. He hires an apprentice, the aptly named Mort, who learns what being the Grim Reaper is all about. I loved the book and I'm glad this was my first Kindle read. The book moved pretty fast and is far funnier than the previous books, and full of surprise peeks into the Discworld and people readers will recognize. I'm planning on skipping ahead and reading Faust/Eric next. 2. Conn Iggulden - Genghis : The Birth of an Empire / Conqueror : Wolf of the Plains This is the first book in the Genghis series, a beautiful rendition of the history of Temujin, better known as Genghis Khan, the man who singly united all the Mongol tribes into one nation and whose name became synonymous with the phrase "Scourge of God". I haven't read any of Conn Iggulden's books before this but this book is proof that I need to. It was an amazing experience and I have the second book already, only waiting for a slight gap before I begin it. I don't want to rush this ride too fast. 3. Terry Brooks - Sometimes the Magic Works This is pretty solid writing advice from one of the biggest fantasy writers alive. Brooks is a pretty good writer, and I've read Stephen King's On Writing before, this rates just as good. His writing is amazing and of course so is his advice. Something anyone should read if they want to write or even if they are interested in the writing process themselves. I highly recommend it. 4. Anne Rice - Interview with a Vampire I loved the movie. Let me start off there. I read this book because of the movie. The book itself honestly drags on in my opinion. It was beautiful, and I'm going to read the next book in the series, especially given that Lestat is all sorts of crazy awesome, but I do think in this one case that the movie was better than the book. 5. J.K. Rowling - Quidditch Through the Ages This little book is an amusing trip back to Rowling's world and since I sometimes play the Quidditch World Cup PC game, many facts and names in this book made me smile. Well worth a read for a full half hour or so. I'm picking up Stephen R. Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle next. It begins with Taliesin and is a retelling of the Arthurian Legend.
  10. Have you ever stolen a book?

    I used to be such a huge "bibliokleptomaniac" that the nearest bookstore set up surveillance cameras to stop me. I think I stole around 30 books as a kid. Not something I'm proud of, I couldn't afford books and my local library was too small to feed my appetite. I've given away most of those books, and became that shop's best customer. I stopped going there once the shopkeeper who watched me grow and didn't know I was his culprit resigned for better pastures.
  11. Vinay's Book Log for 2012

    No problem James I sure am enjoying the Kindle. Still trying to pick up the next book on it though.
  12. Book Cataloging software

    I just use LibraryThing I try to use GoodReads more often but LibraryThing is more convenient.
  13. That would be "Gardens of the Moon" by Steven Erikson for me. I keep trying to enter his series but fail every time, I don't know why! I really want to enjoy this series so badly because it has some awesome reviews and its covers and book names are just too irresistible but I simply fail.
  14. Vinay's Book Log for 2012

    Finished J K Rowling's Quidditch Through The Ages. Trying to pick up something bigger now though, possibly The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice.
  15. Vinay's Book Log for 2012

    lol thanks I'm not published yet, just finished my book. Haven't gotten around to making submissions yet!