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  1. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Sounds good!
  2. What Are You Watching Now? - 2017

    I have been watching Orphan Black, a thriller series about the consequences and implications of cloning. There are 50 episodes in all, been watching two a week, done 14 so far. The actress (Tatiana Maslaney) who plays all the different clones does an amazing job.
  3. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    My friend is trying to get me to go to see Blade Runner 2049. However the last 3 big SF films I had been looking forward to (Ghost In The Shell, Alien Covenant, Valerian) all fell short of expectations. I really don't know if I can stand them ruining the memory of the first Blade Runner film for me if this one turns out to be pants.
  4. Good luck with the new job Angury. You are still reading some interesting books I see.
  5. September has been a pretty good reading month. Seven books completed, although I have at least four more on the go.
  6. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Alien Covenant. Disappointed. I seem to be saying that about every film I have seen lately. I wanted to watch a sequel to Prometheus with it's interesting questions but we got none of that. Instead we got yet another Alien film with more creatures bursting out of chests and another naughty robot. Nothing new at all. Glad I didn't see it at the cinema, at least.
  7. Willoyd's Reading 2017

    Willoyd, congratulations on being retired. I read Sightlines a couple of years back and enjoyed it, a corpus that defies placing readily in any genre....I really want to go to that whale museum in Bergen.
  8. Anna Begins 2017

    Hi Anna , your books are very varied. I read An American In The Gulag years ago , a true story but I can't remember the author. He was lucky to survive too.
  9. Hi Ian, I didn't find Time And Time Again at all preachy, it's like the author took a holiday from himself.
  10. Time And Time Again 4/5 Ben Elton This book was a real surprise. Firstly, because I had to get over my prejudice against Ben Elton. I have no doubt laughed at sit coms he has written, but every time I have seen him in a stand up routine I am a bit turned off by his overtly political and rather sarcastic manner. I also tried to read one of his other books a long time ago (can't remember which one) but didn't finish it. However, this one was different. It's about Time Travel, which got me half hooked before I even opened it. It starts off as a sort of rip-roaring adventure, very light on the pseudo-science, but the last few chapters it is unashamed conceptual Science Fiction. Couple of good twists. The protagonist can be ruthless which is refreshing.
  11. You're a Gissing enthusiast. Peter Ackroyd's book, Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golum has been made into a film and it's scheduled to be released in September. One of the characters is George Gissing!

  12. The end of the era of personal car ownership

    Tell us what day you are coming, we will all stay indoors
  13. I'm an author and I'm new to the site. Hello to all!

    Welcome Tony, have you written many? What genre (s)?
  14. The end of the era of personal car ownership

    Raven has got my point exactly. But Claire makes many cogent points at the practical level. The majority of folks would need the transport at the same peak times every day. And many people do nowadays live considerable distances from where they work. This would be , as Raven says, a major mind shift and also a change in the way we live.
  15. I have not owned a car for about four years now, because living in a bedsit I have nowhere to park one. But I have had to hire cars quite a lot this year for essential family occasions. It was on the jam-packed motorway last week that I had a sudden lightning -bolt insight of what has to happen in the future. I believe that for the good of all, personal car ownership must end. I don't know how many cars there are in the UK, but I know that it is too many. The road infrastructure was not meant to hold this much traffic. And then of course there are all the pollution issues and the waste of precious resources. You can argue that electric cars will bring down the pollution problems, but the mining of lithium for the new generation of lightweight batteries (and disposal of same) will just bring another set of problems. My main bugbear is the huge waste: nobody drives their car for enough hours in a day to really justify personal ownership. Let's face it, even if you drive for an hour to get to work everyday, your car will sit idle in a car park for a third of the day before you drive it home and then it will sit on the street or on your drive another third of the day at night while you sleep. They really are just an awful expensive luxury most of the time. Imagine a world where streets were spacious tree lined avenues empty of parked cars. How would this be achieved? I would do away with 95% of the small cars on the roads. Instead, there would be a pool of vehicles buzzing around which you could apply in advance to have a car for a time. A bit like in the war maybe when only essential journeys were allowed. The cars would probably be highly robotized anyway, we are heading that way. If you needed one at short notice you would maybe just call for it with an app on your phone. So there would be far less cars on the roads, but they would be fully employed everyday. Imagine having your breakfast , getting the kids ready for school and then stepping out the house and a car would whisk you and them to school and drop you off. But then it would zip off somewhere else for another errand. I envision that only government officials would be authorized their own cars, or maybe private corporations would be allowed so many to distribute as needed to employees who needed to travel. I doubt that people would give up their cars without a fight. And insurance companies wouldn't like it, and the car companies.... What do people think? Could it work? If not , why not?