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  1. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Christmas has rushed up so fast. Just time to say hope you all have a happy time of it and thanks all those who looked in on my blog, I hope to be more active on everyone else's blogs next year. My reading has picked up a bit this year although I have been far less tolerant of books that didn't grab me! For those authors I say: "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" Bah Humbug!!
  2. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Alone In Berlin 4/5 Hans Fallada What was it like, as an ordinary German, to live under the Nazis in the 1930's and '40s? Only a handful of people are still alive who know first hand, so contemporary novels written by those who lived through it are valuable. This is such a book, and Hans Fallada was such a person. Within the first 10 pages I could completely taste the fear of the ordinary characters, fear of innocently doing something that might bring them to the attention of the authorities, or of being denounced by an informer who might be a next door neighbour or workmate with a grudge to bear. Otto and Anna Quangel, an elderly couple have lost their only son in the first battles of WW2. This sets Otto off on his own small course of resistance which can only have one outcome if he is caught- torture and death for everyone connected with them. Having read 1984 years ago I can see exactly where George Orwell got his ideas, which seemed a little far fetched and fantastical at the time, but I can see now that they were if anything understated. I would have kept reading anyway to the end of the book, but about three quarters of the way through a completely unexpected event happened, which I thought was such a master stroke of plotting it really made the whole book for me. After the story was finished there are appendices that show the history of the real life characters the story was based on, and of Fallada's own life history and how he came to write the novel, which were as interesting as the novel itself for me. A very good satisfying book.
  3. Hayley's Reading in 2018

    I agree about The Graveyard Book! Gaiman does seem able to successfully straddle the minds of children and adults alike. Have you read American Gods? That is more "grown up" but also very poignant, I found.
  4. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Rivers Of London 4/5 Ben Aaranovitch This was such a well crafted book it drew me in and got me interested. It is obvious that the author really knows and likes London. A lot of my enjoyment came from visualising the places I knew. It was so enjoyable the way he made the Rivers into actual physical characters. That reminded me very much of American Gods. I also liked that Isaac Newton was the founder of both modern science and modern magic, because they are actually both related. (read The Golden Bough and Religion And The Decline of Magic if you are interested in why) The story never flagged and bounced along at a goodly pace. The author obviously knows a lot about police work as well, although that interested me less. The author is certainly not afraid to have bad and (irreversible) things happen to leading characters! Despite really liking this book I am not in a hurry to read the others unless they actually fall into my hands. Just glad to have finally got this one off the TBR pile!
  5. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Pure 4/5 Andrew Miller I enjoyed this book. It is one of a clutch of historical novels I have read recently where I really felt I was in that particular place and time. It is based on a real event that happened at the end of the 18th century, the destruction of an infamous Paris cemetery and the removal of the bones and bodies. The author has constructed his fictional story around this, "fleshing out the bones" (forgive the pun!). As such there is not a lot of plot really and the pace is languid. What tension there is happens because of the characters. I saw two out of the three major events coming a long time before they happened (The one I didn't foresee was a total surprise!). Good things came out of bad things and vice versa. But I did not mind the predictability as I was enjoying the writing.
  6. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Finished Pure and then zoomed through The Rivers Of London in one day. Both have been on my TBR for a long while so I feel good to have read those finally. I will do some reviews in a couple of days!
  7. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I like The Apprentice too! But this year especially they just seem a bunch of half wits.
  8. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I like the sound of quite a few of those! I don't suppose I can expect to see them on the DVD rack of ASDA anytime soon though....
  9. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Reading Pure by Andrew Miller at the moment. Really enjoying it but now nearly at the end.
  10. Changes

    I guess adverts are a necessary evil so that's fine. The other forum I go to is a wargaming forum (Lead Adventure Forum) and they have the advert bar on there too- but in their case all the adverts that appear are relevant to the forum, ie all by different companies manufacturing products for wargaming. So, can you choose which adverts you let on, or do you get a cheaper rate for letting them have a free rein? I just wondered. About the Patreon, I want to be a supporter but but would like to know more about exactly how it works. I have paypal, but I have never used it for regular monthly payments before, only one off purchases. So I am a bit nervous about that.
  11. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I watched half each of two different episodes of Killing Eve over the last few weeks and that's been about it. I have been thinking about getting Netflix, there seems to be interesting stuff on there.
  12. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Hi Frankie thanks yes it is. I am going to try not to neglect it!
  13. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    I will try to keep my blog updated with reviews from now on.
  14. Hayley's Reading in 2018

    Great to see so much Jack Vance in your TBR lol ! and oh yes have some flowers
  15. Happy Announcement!

    Many thanks Hayley, I am full of admiration for your bravery!