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      I'm very excited to finally share with you that BCF now has patreon! I'm sure some of you are familiar with patreon already, but for those who aren't here's what it means for the forum:   You will now be able to support the forum monthly. The amount you'd like to give is entirely up to you but, the more you give, the more rewards you get. The rewards (this is the most exciting part!) include entry to a monthly competition when you donate $2 or more. I really cannot wait to show you the first competition prize!   I really do need your support to keep this forum running and I hope that with patreon I can give something back to those who do support too. I am also aware that there's a possibility this might not work. For that reason, I'll be running it on a 6 month trial and I would really appreciate your feedback in that time.   Members who are current supporters will get automatic entry into the competitions until their current years membership runs out (although obviously you can still join the patreon before your current membership runs out if you want to!)   If you have any questions just send me a message, or come to the 'Changes' section of the forum.   If you'd like to get started on patreon, you can find the Book Club Forum here... https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum       


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  1. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I like The Apprentice too! But this year especially they just seem a bunch of half wits.
  2. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I like the sound of quite a few of those! I don't suppose I can expect to see them on the DVD rack of ASDA anytime soon though....
  3. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Reading Pure by Andrew Miller at the moment. Really enjoying it but now nearly at the end.
  4. Changes

    I guess adverts are a necessary evil so that's fine. The other forum I go to is a wargaming forum (Lead Adventure Forum) and they have the advert bar on there too- but in their case all the adverts that appear are relevant to the forum, ie all by different companies manufacturing products for wargaming. So, can you choose which adverts you let on, or do you get a cheaper rate for letting them have a free rein? I just wondered. About the Patreon, I want to be a supporter but but would like to know more about exactly how it works. I have paypal, but I have never used it for regular monthly payments before, only one off purchases. So I am a bit nervous about that.
  5. What Are You Watching Now? - 2018

    I watched half each of two different episodes of Killing Eve over the last few weeks and that's been about it. I have been thinking about getting Netflix, there seems to be interesting stuff on there.
  6. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Hi Frankie thanks yes it is. I am going to try not to neglect it!
  7. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    I will try to keep my blog updated with reviews from now on.
  8. Hayley's Reading in 2018

    Great to see so much Jack Vance in your TBR lol ! and oh yes have some flowers
  9. Happy Announcement!

    Many thanks Hayley, I am full of admiration for your bravery!
  10. The Last Film You Saw - 2018

    I saw The Meg while on holiday! It was a no-brain-required fun flick.
  11. Best vampire stories

    I just read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.
  12. General questions / discussions

    Thanks Michelle , I just joined LT and the group.
  13. General questions / discussions

    Wow I am very sad this had to happen, this has felt like a safe place and a home for a lot of years. I won't be joining the facebook group but I have some time to swap emails with people.
  14. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Son Of The Tree 2/5 Jack Vance Thanks to Hayley for alerting me to an early Jack Vance novel that I hadn't read! Situation now rectified. This was a very early one (1951) and although the trademark Vance tropes and world building are there in prototype form they are not as well developed, and his treatment of the main female character and females in general come across as a little chauvinistic if I am to be honest. Thankfully he loses this in his later novels. One thing which struck me strongly is the idea of planet Earth becoming semi mythical as we spread out through the galaxy and it's existence being doubted as a fairy tale, it's exact location lost. It cannot be a coincidence that this is the main premise of the Dumarest Saga series of books by EC Tubb. The two authors were certainly around at the same time, both writing at the same time, although the Dumarest books were written slightly later. Did they know each other ? Did Vance give Tubb permission to have that idea as something he wasn't going to use? I would like to find out.
  15. Vodkafan's Reading Blog 2018

    Under The Eagle 1/5 Simon Scarrow Probably the worst book I have read so far this year! If you want a lad's book with basically a comic-book plot of WW2 soldiers dressed up in sandals and skirts masquerading as Romans of 43 ad, where the author can't even be bothered to use a few common knowledge Latin words (Gladius, Scutum, Pilum) to describe the Legionaries' kit, then this is the book for you!