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    Victorian & Edwardian supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy/detective. Interwar fiction (Woolf/Bowen/West etc). Modern fantasy and sci-fi.

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  1. Hi. I wonder if anyone could help me with this one? I am a librarian and have had an enquiry from a 14 year old customer about a book series, which is as follows: "All that I remember is that it's a fantasy book, it had a sequel of three books done all by the same author, it was about warriors or samurai, martial arts and set in Japan. There were three main characters, two boys and a girl. The colour scheme of the first book was silver and red with these three characters on the cover, the second book was silver and yellow, and the third silver and blue". I would be grateful for any help as this has stumped us.
  2. Dombey and Son

    Yes I know the nursery rhyme. It seems obvious now.
  3. Thanks for searching. I can't find anything either. Is there any way I can edit the heading of my original post, as clearly I have spelt book wrong (Doh!).
  4. I have been presented with a challenge. An inspector out of Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells, recovering alcoholic, who's wife works for the British Museum. They solve historical mysteries or go after relics. More Thriller than Crime/Detective story. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Happy birthday, and Merry Christmas. :)

  6. Favourite Book Titles

    Quiche of Death!
  7. Not actually in the book, but Sherlock Holmes and the Running Noose was recorded on Bromley Library catalogue as Sherlock Holmes and the Running Nose.
  8. Favourite Book Titles

    I love all of them. Heres a few more: When Elephants Last in the Dooryard Bloomed The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification Cow Tipping in Paradise
  9. Inspired by Susan Hill's Howards End is On the Landing: name one of your favourite book titles. It doesn't have to be a book you actually liked. I'll begin: Beyond Lies the Wub.
  10. I read half of To Kill a Mockingbird about ten years ago, and have been meaning to finish it ever since; but will I ever do it?
  11. Who do you identify with?

    As a teenager I had a thing about Helen Burns from Jane Eyre, but I was a melancholy youth.
  12. Which fictional character do you identify with most? I recently read The Lost Horizon and found myself in sympathy with 'Conway.'
  13. Hello

    Thanks all!
  14. Joanne Harris

    For me Sleep, Pale Sister outstrips them all. Runemarks is also one of my favourites.