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  1. This is rather unfortunate because I'm looking for SEVERAL book *deep sigh* and if no one minds I'm going to just put what I can down: - Science fiction/Teen storyline - - The first and foremost one that is getting to me the most is about a teenager named Ryan who is a little stuck on a space station and is being guarded. His father is the president of the United States on Earth and sends communications to him through video to the station. Ryan is just an average kid who wants to party and do drugs - the modern drugs of this futuristic book is silver and I believe is distributed secretly through bullets (?) - Fantasy/Teen storyline - - There is also one about a boy/teen/young adult (not sure) who lives in a small fictional town and I believe carries a magical staff when he is assigned the job to go after someone and helps people along the way (obviously, I've lost a bit of the storyline because It's been years since I've read any of it - I started it when I was probably 11 or 12). - Drama/Art/Teen storyline - - A teenage boy is going to an art school where his parents "shipped" him to. He has many experiences there (including another boy who randomly decides to kiss him). (I BELIEVE - If I'm not thinking of another book) that he is in love with another girl who does not attend his school. He ends up becoming reckless and, I believe drunk, when he decides to go see her and inform her that he is dying in order to gain her affection. I think that are possibly 2-3 more teen books that I am searching for that contain art school themes. PLEASE tell me where I can at least SEARCH by THEME of books. I am dying to know what these are called. Thank you.